Scenes From The Weekend

2nd favorite Luna bar flavor

Latte the size of my head

Organic oats and fresh fruit for brunch


Puppy love.

Need. Him. Now.

Homemade Chicken Saltimbocca

Cozy by the fire

Bike ride with dad

Dessert for the Golden Globes

Weekend purchases


12 thoughts on “Scenes From The Weekend

  1. Ohh I need to try that Luna bar flavor!! I love the Clif Bar White Chocolate Macademia nut! It tastes like a cookie! And that latte is from la boulange huh?? I always forget when I order a large that it is quite literally a bowl of coffee! And who is this puppy?!?! Please say he’s yours!!! PS Love that new nail polish! What color is it?

    • It’s SO tasty! Aside from the Peanut Honey Pretzel (which I still haven’t located) this is my favorite! Is it just me or do lattes from La Boulange just taste that much better? I noticed yesterday they put a La Boulange in WC where Bing Crosbys was too! Not my puppy but SOON enough! He’s a friend’s puppy and the cuddliest little man I’ve ever seen! The color is Chanel Ballerina, and it’s a suuuuper sheer light pink with just a hint of sheen – perfect for every day!

  2. Ohhh that puppy!!! Soooo sweet!
    Don’t you love eating dessert while watching mal-nourished people walk the red carpet? It’s so ironic haha. I always seem to eat while watching awards shows for some reason.

  3. Mmm that latte looks delicious. And that Luna is great! I picked up a new flavor today (to me?) chocolate dipped coconut. I cannot find honey pretzel anywhere though!

    • Oooh I love chocolate dipped coconut! (really anything with chocolate and coconut) and I can’t find peanut joney pretzal either! My mom said TJs but mine doesn’t have it!

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  4. I got all excited for you then until I read through this post and the one before it and realised you are puppy sitting! I thought you had finally found one! Looking after Ricky is definitely the next best thing though! 🙂

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