Workout Round Up

Hope you’re all having a great weekend! Mine is winding down with a cozy fire, a bowl of ice cream, and the Golden Globes (I live for awards show season – and a lot of that is just to see what everyone is wearing.) This is why we have two TVs in our apartment. 😉

This week I felt like I really jumped back on the wagon work-out wise. And coincidentally week 1 of Detox 2012 is over! 21 more days of sobriety here I (hesitantly) come.

Monday – Mish-Mash Treadmill Interval work-out (about 5.5 miles) and a Pilates Reformer class

Tuesday – Stationary Bike – 12 miles, Hill Level 10

On Jury Duty Eve I spent the night at my parents house to minimize my commute the next morning and was in the mood for some cardio so I hopped on their stationary bike with a People magazine (big shock, I know).

Wednesday – 10.5 mile run (welcome back double digits!), Pilates Reformer Class

Post-Jury Duty I set off for 5 miles, and ended up covering around 10.5 miles and felt amazing to just get out and run (sans Garmin). A great run to jump back into my longer runs.

Thursday – 3 mile run, Pilates Reformer Class

I wanted to shake out my legs a bit, so I ran 3 easy miles on the treadmill before my Pilates class. My legs felt a bit heavy, but nothing crazy – I was pretty relieved. After not running more than 5 miles for about 5-6 weeks post-marathon, I was a little worried how my legs would feel after a 10-miler, but I guess muscle memory is real? They felt great all things considered!

Friday – REST

And eat homemade pizza 🙂

Saturday – Walk 2.5 miles to brunch, brunch, walk 2.5 miles home. Stationary Bike – 12 miles, Hill Level 10

Oh, I also hung out with this handsome little devil for the better part of the afternoon.

His name is Ricky, he’s 9 weeks old, and I have an open puppy-sitting invitation from his gracious owners (who we actually know, I’m not that much of a puppy creep) to hang out with him, and his sister Lucy. I’m in love. (Get it? Ricky and Lucy? Ridiculously adorable.)

Sunday – 18 Mile Bike Ride

My dad asked if I wanted to go for a long bike ride with him, and it was definitely an offer I couldn’t refuse. He had been talking up his bike route for a few weeks, and how beautiful and fun it was, so I jumped at the chance. And we pretty much rode like Lance.

And then I drooled over my dream bike for about 7 minutes. I think it’s time to sell my bike, and bring this little lady home. She even matches my biking shoes. It’s fate.

Time to relax! Hope you’re enjoying the weekend! (And if you have tomorrow off, enjoying it even more! For me. With a glass of wine?) 🙂


4 thoughts on “Workout Round Up

  1. Pizza, puppy, and a bike ride, sounds like an amazing weekend! p.s I’m hoping to plan a little blogger meet up, maybe dinner, soon. Definitely will let you know 🙂

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