Scenes From The Weekend

A January weekend in the 60’s, full of sunshine? Doesn’t happen often, but I’ll take it! The weekend started with dinner at Spruce on Friday night and continued with a morning run, and a day of flatbread pizzas and drinks in Sausalito at Bar Bocce, appetizers at Brixton, some extreme Apples to Apples, fun at Chambers bar, and a full Sunday of productivity! (And maybe a little break to go look at puppies!)

Hope you had a great weekend! 🙂

Ferry to Sausalito

Gorgeous Sausalito

Bar Bocce

Chambers Bar, San Francisco

Puppies at the SPCA

New Coach flats courtesy of Nordstrom Rack

Grilled Sea Bass Steaks with a Dean and Deluca Dry Rub

New Keurig storage!


13 thoughts on “Scenes From The Weekend

    • Seriously! Delicious mimosas (I heard the Bloodys were too but I’m not a Tomato Juice fan!) We had pizza with avocado creme fraiche, fresh crab, and melty cheese and it was amaaazing!

  1. OMG! Is that Tommy at the SPCA?? We almost adopted him! If thats him, I cant believe he is still there. I thought he would be snatched quickly.

    • So I had to double take at Lauren Pursley then realized it was you! I’m still used to Perry! 🙂 It was actually a girl puppy (Ursula?) but maybe she had a brother?! We wanted to bring her home yesterday! Is that adorable little Westie I saw on Facebook yours?!

  2. Awww that puppy!!!! 🙂 Please tell me you took him/her home?! 😉 It’s so hard to visit places like that and walk away from them, isn’t it! Poor little buggers! Sounds like you had a fab weekend! 🙂

  3. Omigosh this looks like such a lovely weekend!! I’ve been wanting to go to Bar Bocce but just haven’t made it over there! That needs to change soon! And omigosh that puppy!!!! Can’t wait until you get one!!

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