January Restaurant Review – Spruce

Happy Weekend! 🙂

In lieu of anything workout related in this morning’s post (I took yesterday as a much needed rest day, and mayyy try to get a run in this morning… or just save it for tomorrow. We have to be somewhere at noon, and lets just say I’m not the fastest at getting ready.) 😉

I mentioned in my New Years Goals post that one of our goals was to try a new SF restaurant every month. It was realistic, and if we wanted to try more, bring it on!

Last night we finally (I say this because we’ve had a gift card burning a whole in our pockets for almost a year) tried Spruce!


I called on Tuesday hoping to get a last minute reservation for Friday night around (unrealistic for this place apparently), and they told me our options were 5:15 or 9:30.


Luckily, the wonderful hostess told me she was making that night’s confirmation calls the next day and would call back with any cancellations. Thanks to some fabulous karma (I’m convinced it’s always putting the shopping cart back where it belongs at stores and not leaving it in a random parking spot) a 7:30 reservation had cancelled and it was ours!

I was so excited all week to finally try the place I’ve never heard anyone say a bad thing about. Everyone raved about the menu, the bar, the drinks, the service, everything.

Let’s just say they were right on the money.

Spruce is located in Laurel Heights (the cutest neighborhood that I apparently do not spend enough time in). We arrived (and found street parking around the corner!) and were immediately seated at the coziest, but extremely spacious table with a view of the entire restaurant, bar, and moon filtering in through the skylight.

Spruce has the most amazing ambiance – it’s dark, with high ceilings, just enough light to really set the mood for a delicious dinner, and a busting bar. The tables had leather back chairs, and plush velvet couches, and it made me want to stay forever.

We started out with a bottle of Dashe 2008 Zinfandel from Dry Creek Valley (we’re huge Zin fans), and it did not disappoint.

From there it was time to choose our appetizers! We arrived starving, and with a giftcard to put to use, so we decided to go all out.

Appetizer Course:

(The Grand Selection – a sampling of each, with a side of garlic toast and spicy mustard. The homemade pastrami was far and away my favorite)

Absolutely delicious – the caviar butter was unreal. (I’ve tried caviar 3 times – Spruce and Gary Danko (another giftcard success!) and another place that I can’t remember off the top of my head. Needless to say if you go to either, try it. If this picky palate will eat it, I’m sure you will too!)

We were a little hesitant to order this as neither of us had ever tried sweetbreads, and while it was the heaviest of the dishes (last night it wasn’t pan seared, but rather fried) the amount of flavor was amazing. It was served alongside a barely cooked egg for dipping, with I believe truffle shavings (could be wrong) and it was delicious.

Now on to the main courses!

Boyfriend saw the duck on the menu and had immediately made up his mind on his entree. He cleaned his plate, and I had a bite – and it was delicious! So. much. flavor.

After going back and forth between the Short Ribs, the Pork Tenderloin and the Lobster, I went big. And it was absolutely the right decision! The lobster is taken out of the shell, poached in butter (but it still tastes extremely light) and then served on a bed of the most melt-in-your-mouth gnocchi I’ve ever had and braised lettuces. Best lobster I’ve ever had.


One of the best restaurant experiences I’ve ever had. I certainly know what all of the hype is about now! (And why it’s so darn hard to get a reservation at a normal hour!) I left feeling satisfied, but not overly full, and next time have big plans for the Beignets for dessert! The service, food, wine, and experience were top notch, and you can bet I’ll be back to try the Spruce Burger at the bar.

(My apologies for the lack of actual food pictures in this post – not the type of restaurant they would be OK with/I would feel comfortable taking photographs. Guess you’ll just have to go in and try it for yourselves!) 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!


6 thoughts on “January Restaurant Review – Spruce

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever actually been to Laurel Heights, but I think I need to now just to try this restaurant! Everything sounds so nice and the ambiance is gorgeous! What luck that they called you back with a 7:30 resie!! AMAZING! And caviar butter? That sounds so interesting! And I’m not a big seafood person, but lobster on top of gnocchi? That sounds pretty fab!

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