31 Minutes or Less!

Oh hi there 🙂

On the upside – it’s Wednesday. On the downside, we’re still 2 long days away from that glorious Friday afternoon when you know you have nothing but freedom for 48 straight hours.

But I digress.

So remember how I resolved (aka goaled) myself to run a 1:50 half-marathon? I have one in April (US Half), and then I realized I had a 10-mile run in about 3 weeks time. I also realized I haven’t run more than 5.5 miles in one sitting since that fateful 26.2 day on December 4.

So someone needs to speed it up, and reacquaint herself with longer runs. (Read: 8 miles seems completely sufficient for a long run leading up to a 10-mile race.)

So yesterday at the gym, (which surprisingly wasn’t packed) I did this little interval workout I put together for myself:

It was an AWESOME workout that covered right around 4 miles in 31 minutes and I was feeling it. For the last minute, I cranked up the speed to whatever I could handle (~8.5) and sprinted my little heart out. Definitely an easy and effective way to get in some interval training in just a half-hour. Because why spend more time than you need to on the treadmill when you’re not training for a marathon?

On the resolution “Goal” front, we’re making some serious headway:

  • Registered for 4 races in the first quarter of the year (Run a race every month)
  • Booked a trip to Vegas for the weekend (Weekend trips/travels)
  • Trying out a new restaurant this weekend (Try out 1 new restaurant/month)

I think it may be about time to start making some headway on one 2012 goal in particular?

Just saying.

Hope you have a great Wednesday! 🙂


12 thoughts on “31 Minutes or Less!

  1. One of the best parts of doing intervals is that the workouts go by so fast! And I always feel like I get a better workout in.
    Nice work on your goals. It’s only the first wk of January and your makin some serious headway!

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