4 Under $75

So the holidays are officially over, and now the fog, arctic temperatures, and dark evenings just aren’t quite as endearing as they were when the city was lit up with Christmas trees, snowflakes and lights.

Now it’s just cold.

So last night, I got to work on one of my 2012 goals (list is here) which would be running one road race per month. And by “get to work” I mean, went a little nuts registering once I discovered Active.com, and more importantly the races that the Dolphin South End Runners (DSE) Running Club puts on.

So for under $75, I accomplished signing up for:

I realize I resolved to run 1 race/calendar month but between cheering on a friend at the Kaiser Half in Feb, and then traveling to Vegas later that month, the weeks are few and far between. So I figured I’d double up in April, and still be on track for the first quarter of the year… race-bib wise.

I’ve never raced a 10-miler, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never raced a 10K so aside from the automatic PR, I’m excited to be able to race each distance twice, hopefully beating my times.

I’m also extremely excited that each of these races are barely cracking the double-digit mark, if at all.

Not only was I thrilled to find that the DSE holds a run at least once a month IN San Francisco (aka I can get up as late as physically possible to make it on time), but 3 of 4 of those races were <$10 each.(The Presidio 10-Miler is put on by a different organization and proceeds benefit a charity, so that race was $45.)

A far cry from the $255 it would cost to run the New York City Marathon (+$11 application fee). Seriously New York Road Runners? Screw the traditional song, for that price I want a live “Empire State of Mind” performance at the start with Alicia and Jay Z.

So with a (virtual) swipe of the credit card and 4 very simple clicks of the mouse, a quarter of the years races are now accounted for. With money leftover to buy new Tempos/Lululemon Run Inspire Crops for each and every one. (I kid, I kid. Kind of.) Not too shabby.

Also accounted for? The greatest KIND Bar flavor I’ve had to date:

Peanut Butter & Strawberry. It’s like eating a PB and Strawberry sandwich. The flavors are that spot on.

(Also you’re welcome for the blurry iPhone photo. It’s a gift.)

Hope you’re having a great third-day-of-2012! Only 2 more weeks until another Holiday weekend! 😉



6 thoughts on “4 Under $75

  1. i know how ridic is the nyc marathon? one day, when i have too much money laying around ill run it. im sure its amazing, but seriously $255? yikes. boston was pretty pricey, like 150..of course not including flights, hotel, etc. but its boston so ya gotta do what u gotta do! btw, i am in LOVE with dark choc and cherry kind bars…i need to try the strawberry!

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