Final Friday of The Year

Happy LAST Friday of 2011!

For the 95% of you that aren’t working today as evidenced by the Financial District (and more importantly the all-telling Starbucks being a ghost-town), I’m jealous. To the 5% of you that are working but are leaving in ~15 minutes (2pm thank you boss!), we’re almost there!

I work in sales, so working on the last day of the month is pretty much a necessity. You never know the last minute deals that come in that need closing! (And with the after Christmas sales happening everywhere, I’ll take every extra dollar I can get.)

In just a few minutes, it’s time to hit the gym for some cardio, then meet boyfriend for some wine and appetizers and last-minute holiday festivities downtown… and then another holiday weekend is upon us! We’re in the process of finalizing New Years Eve plans, but as long as there is plenty of champagne in my future I will be quite the happy camper.

We have a big weekend of relaxing, wine, relaxing, food, relaxing, movies and more relaxing ahead of us and I can’t wait.

So this morning, as I sat at my desk no where near the beach, my friend Lauren sent me a text message containing this fine photograph of her current whereabouts.

To which I replied back with that I’m currently dealing with.

One of these things is not like the other.

If you live here (or anywhere currently experiencing this “winter weather” that I am not familiar with) and are vacationing somewhere warm, stay there as long as possible. It’s so foggy out today I can’t even see the water.That is ~50 yards from my office.

On my trek to find a food establishment that was actually open today in the Financial District (seriously Focaccia?) I stumbled upon one of the last remaining buildings with Christmas decorations still standing.

At least someone else thinks the holidays aren’t over until January 1 as well. (I’m going to ignore the fact the same building was in the process of CHOPPING DOWN their other Christmas trees. Have you no shame? It’s not even New Years!)

Speaking of the holidays (because this is one of my last chances to), when I was doing my Christmas shopping, I came across an ornament I thought looked exactly like my friend Ali’s dog Puddles. The cutest dog on the planet.Naturally I had to get it for her. (Ali, not Puddles.)

Turns out, I wasn’t too far off. Is that not the cutest dog ever?

Hope your holiday weekend is off to a great start!

Big New Years Eve bash or  house party with friends? (Wine/champagne/beers included in all of the above)


2 thoughts on “Final Friday of The Year

  1. Puddles is a great name…sounds like what my parents dog has been doing a lot of lately now that he’s older and his kidneys aren’t 100%. I’m not doing a darn thing for New Years which makes me very happy 🙂 I think a couch and a glass of some sort of alcohol will suit me perfectly this year!

    • I think that sounds fabulous! I was so happy we did a dinner in then went out (aka walked up the street) for some drinks! Very low key and perfect! Hope you guys had a happy new year!

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