Tuesday Thoughts

So we’re officially 5 days away from Christmas. And thankfully, a very long holiday weekend! I can’t wait to eat, drink and be merry with those I love most! And watch Home Alone, go ice-skating, make Christmas cookies, and blast Christmas music all weekend.

This post has no real rhyme or reason, but rather some tangents:

  • My protein smoothie this morning was green. Actually green. After ~6 months of coming up with a brown sludge, I finally got a green color to come out front and center. It even tasted healthier. And all it took was boyfriend grabbing a bag of mixed frozen fruit different from what we usually get. (Peaches, honeydew, pineapple, strawberries, grapes).
  • Last night, after a particularly long day, I ran 5 miles. With no Garmin or anything crazy like that, so I have no idea how fast I went, but it felt fast. When Rihanna is singing “Shut Up and Drive” in your ear, you run even faster. I had the great idea to sign up for a TRX/Barre Combo class last night as well, and thinking it would be a “Bar Method” type class where I always felt the need to run after, I figured I was fine. Wrong. It was a bootcamp class from hell and I’m not kidding when I say that 55       minutes was harder than all 3:57:03 of the marathon. I have never in my life been so jealous of the girls in the Pilates class.

  • Chipotle now has brown rice. Which made yesterday’s carnitas burrito bowl even more delicious. And here I thought that wasn’t possible.
  • I’m really, really, really excited for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo to come out tomorrow. Not as excited as I will be for The Hunger Games to come out in March, but about 90% as excited. I’m also still a little disturbed about Rooney Mara’s makeover. I didn’t imagine Lisbeth as looking scary, I thought she was supposed to look like a little girl? (Waif like?)

Even the Swedish Lisbeth was more badass than scary.

  • It’s freezing in SF (40’s, which is <10 degrees from actual freezing temperatures, which is far too close for comfort in my opinion) and all I can think about is wanting to go on a beach vacation. Or to Europe.

  • I keep on thinking that I don’t have enough presents for people for Christmas so then I buy more. And more. Until each person has enough presents to merit having their own tree to fit them all.
  • I went to spin at lunch today – and that too was harder than running a marathon. Maybe I should just stick to running and pilates as it seems to work out better for me than when I get crazy and try new athletic endeavors. Post-spin is the only time I take an absolutely freezing shower to cool down after. Co-workers, you’re welcome. I spotted not 1, but 2 people change back into work clothes after the sweatiest class I’ve ever taken, and head back to their desk jobs. Not even a spritz of body splash.

Have a great day! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts

  1. I agree about lisbeth salander…i liked how the swedish actress looked…its definitely what i’d think she would look like…rooney has no eyebrows in the movie its weird haha. but i totally wanna see it!

  2. Yeah I tried a barre/combo class this morning and wanted to die. The instructor kept coming over to correct me and my legs would start shaking like crazy. Apparently running doesn’t make you a well-rounded athlete? Who knew!

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