Gingerbread Builders!

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday – this weekend has been nonstop, and jampacked… and I’m certainly not complaining.

Friday night we had my company’s holiday party and it was quite the event – I think there was about 10 different food stations, bars, a woman in head-to-toe gold, sparkly spandex hanging from the ceiling pouring champagne, and the Barenaked Ladies as the entertainment. Needless to say, boyfriend and I downloaded “One Week” yesterday morning and have been blasting it all weekend.

Saturday we slept in, did a little Christmas shopping, and then geared up for another night of Holiday parties. I woke up this morning feeling surprisingly at almost 100% (after two evenings of some adult beverages no less) and was more then ready for today’s events:

Lunch at Roam Burger (the turkey burger with pepperjack cheese and sweet potato fries are amazing) and GINGERBREAD HOUSE BUILDING!

My friend Kendall had discovered Gingerbread Builders a couple of weeks back and when she told us, we immediately wanted to go and build our houses. Along with our friends Lisa, Patty and Katie, we made a date. What screams the Holidays more than a sugar filled Sunday afternoon?

You pay for the house (small -$29, medium- $35 or large- $52) and get a pastry bag of icing, candy, all the tools, and can purchase additional goodies it you want. Seems pricey, until you consider that the houses are pre-built for you, the candy is all there, the tools are all there, and you have to do zeroΒ clean-up.

They had me at the no-clean up.

Not only were we a good ~20 years older than anyone else in there, we also probably had more fun than any of the said 5-year olds. (Aside from the two that ended up covered in powdered sugar from head-to-toe.)

We all decided to go with the small houses and bought an extra pack of red icing, pretzel sticks, red hots, and some other goodies to decorate our houses with.

Then, it was on.

We had a blast. We found a place for every last piece of candy, gingerbread, red-hot, and even the gummy rings.

And finally, we had our finished gingerbread houses.

Clearly, we have careers as architects in our future.

It was pretty much the greatest Sunday ever, and I had a blast. If you’re looking for something fun and holiday-esque, definitely check out Gingerbread Builders. Or just host your own gingerbread house making party… but you’ll have to clean up after. πŸ˜‰

Hope you all had a great weekend!


14 thoughts on “Gingerbread Builders!

  1. when i saw the title of your post i had just finished laboring over 60+ gingerbread cookies. dough out of the fridge, roll it, cut it, dough back in fridge, cookies in oven, dough out of fridge, repeat repeat repeat!!!! so ya. cleanup is going to suck. this is why you are so smart!!!

    looks like fun!! and mini-wheats on the roof is pretty genius.

    oh, and your work party sounds LEGIT

    • I’m willing to bet that your gingerbread tastes 100000x better than the stale chimney I just ate off of my house πŸ™‚ I was so happy to leave the mess to them! (For a small fee!)

      Work party was ridiculous! I’ll post a picture of the champagne pouring madness tomorrow!

  2. Omigosh that looks so fun!! I actually was wandering down Union on Saturday and popped in to see what it was like– it looks great! I actually already bought all of my Gingerbread making supplies or else I would do it there!! What a fun day with the girls!

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