Zero Week

And another weekend is just about coming to a end. Whyyy?

A productive day yesterday, and a very festive holiday party filled with quite a bit of Christmas cheer last night made for let’s just call it a “relaxed” day today.

Our good friends (and newly engaged!) had a holiday party last night, and it was a BLAST. Cocktails, delicious food, music, catching up with good friends, and a great excuse to dress up in our holiday best.

So much of a blast that I woke up with a splitting headache (thank you delicious sparkling blood orange soda, Ketel, Grand Marnier, fresh cranberry cocktails). That didn’t go away until I went to the gym this evening to flee the BABY MOUSE I saw run across the apartment. I’ve since been on Petfinder researching cats. And not letting my feet hit the ground while sitting on the couch.

Since running the marathon last week, it’s been SO NICE to not have any training plan to follow. I can workout according to how I’m feeling, and not feel like there is a certain distance, pace or workout I have to be doing.

However, I was a little lost as what to do next. 18 weeks on a training plan and suddenly I’m free as a bird? What do I do? How do I get back into the game now that the marathon is over?

I don’t want the last 4 months of building up endurance, speed and running fitness to disappear, so in order to not lose the fitness I built up while marathon training, and to keep myself in running shape for the handful of half-marathons I’ve signed up for in 2012 (more on that in a later post), I once again looked to my main running man, Hal Higdon.

On his website, I found a Post-Marathon Training plan, designed to help you recover.

The week immediately following the Marathon is known as “zero week”.

While I will go insane if I can’t run for 26 days, I did keep the running to a minimum this week. I was beyond sore (debilitating) on Monday and Tuesday, but after the world’s best sports massage on Tuesday, I felt like a new woman on Wednesday. And ready to get back to it!

Luckily Hal had nothing to worry about. I ate all day on Sunday, and didn’t move off of the couch on Monday except to walk a very, very slow 3-miles to get my legs moving. Hal’s never steered me wrong before, so I took his advice, took another rest day and treated myself to a 50-minute massage that worked WONDERS.

It may need to become a weekly monthly occurrence.

Wednesday and Thursday marked my triumphant return to Pilates Reformer classes. I was nervous at first that I would still be sore, but my fears were quickly dismissed. Pilates uses much different muscles than running and I got through both classes pain-free.

While Hal may disagree in my jumping back into it too quickly, I feel great mentally (the marathon was a very, very positive experience for me), and physically I have no soreness. I’m also the kind of person that loves to workout and enjoys it… so I went with it.

Friday I got a little ambitious and ran 5 (very) slow miles and went to Pilates. Saturday I went to the gym with boyfriend, and my legs felt a little heavy so I walked on the treadmill at an incline (I forget what it was) and read the newest Vanity Fair. Running wasn’t going to happen, so I listened to my muscles and improvised.

Today, it was more a quest to flush out the toxins/Ketel One from last night so I hopped on the Elliptical for 40 minutes, read Vogue and zoned out. It was exactly what I needed to make any lingering hangover disappear.

While I’m not one to usually have quite so many cocktails, after 4 months of severely limiting myself, and the time of year that’s upon us… well tis the season. 🙂 It’s all about balance right?

Off to finish up the weekend watching a movie with boyfriend on the couch. Have a great night!


10 thoughts on “Zero Week

    • I literally SCREAMED my head off and jumped on the couch refusing to come down. Then marched down to the landlord’s apt to demand they put a trap in first thing this AM.

    • The landlord put traps in, and sealed up any spots the mouse would have gotten in from, thank goodness! I didn’t, but I did pull the plug on a Nanette Lepore instead! 🙂

  1. oh man we had mice in our tucson was AWFUL!! They’re so fast…i used to wear my uggs around the apartment bc i was scared of them. ewww…but actually they’re kinda cute. just dont want them in my house!

    • Hahah I did the same thing! And didn’t let my feet hit the ground with barefeet. The landlord said there was no evidence they had taken up residence (“droppings” per se) THANK GOD. So hopefully he just got lost on the way to someone else’s apartment!

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