A Very Big Thank You

And it’s almost Friday! I know I’ve been non-stop posting about the Marathon this week, but bear with me – it’s so necessary. I promise that by next week every single post won’t be all marathon, all the time. (Just part of the time.) 🙂

Thank you Sport Photo for your obsessive use of watermarking. Rest assured no one will snag your photos without permission.

Okay maybe one more.

Training for the marathon took over a large portion of my life. I had to watch what I ate so that I was fueled properly for the amount of exercise I was doing (cookies, moscow mules, homemade pizza and sweet potato fries absolutely count as proper fueling in case you were wondering). I had to get enough sleep on the weekends (read: go home after a drink or two, or just stay out while drinking water.) It actually just occurred to me I should have stuck with club soda and a lime to give the illusion I was a party animal marathon trainee, but I digress. I had to set alarms at 6am and 7am just about once a weekend to get up to run for 2-3 hours. I was falling asleep on the couch at 9pm due to being so exhausted from all of the workouts.

As much as it took over my life, the marathon crept into the lives of those closest to me as well. For 18 very long weeks.

So this post is a post of thanks.

Thank you to boyfriend for supporting me in all of my goals and dreams (running or otherwise). For all of your encouragement, hugs, and reassurances when I’d get nervous about the longer distances. For wishing me luck at 6:30 am every Saturday or Sunday before my long run (and calling 3 hours in to make sure I was alright). For being at the finish line of every single race I’ve ever done. For making signs, taking pictures, and cheering for me every time I run by. For making sure I was cozy on the couch even if I did fall asleep at 9pm most every nights. For being the most wonderful boyfriend there is.

Thank you to my family – for putting up with marathon talk non-stop, for always sneaking me packs of Gu Chomps, and new running socks whenever I’d come home or you’d come into the city. For all of your texts and words of encouragement. For driving up to Sacramento, coming to the expo, reveling in the entire marathon weekend and sharing it with me. For always telling me that nothing is out of reach.

Thank you brother for getting up at 7am on Thanksgiving to run a 5K with me. Even if your favorite part was throwing the paper cups on the ground at the water stations. 😉

Thank you to all of my wonderfully supportive friends. All of your words of encouragement, your texts, calls, emails, comments and tweets. They mean so, so much to me.

To Lexi for being one of the best friends a girl could ask for. She’s in her 3rd year in law school and working she still made time to train for her 3rd marathon, and kick its ass. There is no one else I’d rather run 26.2 miles with!

You’ll find us at the bottom right of the below picture at around mile 21 – shamelessly mugging for the wrong camera. 😉

The very night a full marathon was brought up for the first time:

A very big thank you to Kendall, Ryan and Shaun for waking up when the sun rose on Sunday morning and driving 2 hours to Sacramento, to be at the finish line with amazing signs, energy and cheers. I spotted you as I went down the stretch and you gave me that final push I needed. I’m truly lucky to have friends as wonderful as you.

To all of the friends I’ve made through running. The Bay Area has an amazing running community and through this blog I was lucky enough to meet amazing people who are striving for the same goals I am. Your advice and words of wisdom, encouragement, and support helped me finish this marathon! Thank you for helping me get through the tough longer runs!

And finally to everyone that reads this blog, that comments, that follows along, or pops in every now and again. Thank you. Starting this blog was something I have wanted to do for a very long time, and it helped fuel my running in ways I never imagined. So thank you for supporting the blog, and in turn supporting my marathon.

Now I promise the usual sarcastic witty banter will resume tomorrow 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Very Big Thank You

  1. YAYAYAYA congrats on the CIM!!! I absolutely loved it and have been talking non-stop about it too!! (no shame!) you just trained your booty off for a long time, so basking in post-marathon glory is well deserved!! I hope you have a great weekend ahead of you! xoxo!

  2. We just love you so much because YOU are so amazing. Thank YOU for sharing this experience with all of us and thank YOU for being one of the most amazing friends a girl could have (or wake up in a hospital blanket with)! XOXO!

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