Taper Thoughts

HAPPY FRIDAY! Today marks the start of MARATHON weekend! I took Monday off as I’m pretty sure that after running 26.2 miles I will want to do nothing but sleep and sit and relax come Monday morning.

T-Minus 44 hours to go-time.

In doing this “taper”, which I’ve found is to give your legs a rest, and rather than try to gain more fitness, just maintain the fitness you’ve gained over the past 15 weeks and give your muscles, body, mind a break after all of the training, I’ve had a bunch of thoughts going through my head.

  • I’ve heard and read people and have had people tell me that I’ll get nervous that I’m not doing enough in these last couple of weeks and that I’ll be scared to lose fitness. Honestly I haven’t even really thought about it.  I figure I didn’t gain all of this fitness in a week or two, so I’m certainly not going to lose it in a week or two. (Did I mention rationalizing is a skill I excel at?)

  • Further more, I am LOVING all of this extra free time to actually get things done, go to Pilates classes without worrying about how I’m going to run on my lead legs the next day, cook, sleep, not fall asleep on the couch like a zombie at 9pm, etc. Hal hasn’t steered me wrong yet, so I’m just following his wise advice. (AKA the holy grail – my training plan.)
  • Hydrating. I’ve been drinking water like Lindsey Lohan the morning after a night out. I’ve been going through 2-3 Nalgene bottles (32oz) a day at work, and then a few pint glasses full at home.

If you aren’t familiar with this little Nalgene insert – get one. It makes drinking out of the bottles SO much easier. (And in my case greatly reduces the chances that you’re going to spill all down the front of your shirt.)

  • I never really drink during the week but since I’ve told myself that I will be avoiding alcohol in the 7 days leading up to the marathon all I want is a glass of wine. Especially while relaxing at night, with the Christmas lights on. Torture. Tell me I can’t eat or drink something and it will be all I want.


  • I’m also still drinking my normal caffeine intake (cup of black or a latte in the morning… or both because yesterday and today just called for it) even though I’ve read to avoid it in the week before the marathon. I figure now is not the time for caffeine withdrawal headaches.

  • I’m also eating as clean as physically possible this week – nothing processed, no junk, nothing greasy and nothing out of the ordinary. Lots of lean protein, whole grains, fruits and veggies. Not taking any chances on being sluggish for Sunday.

  • In completely random news (and of no relevance to this post about tapering thoughts) I’ve also discovered the best flavor Clif Bar to date. I’m planning to go back and buy out the store’s entire supply.

Hope you all have a great Friday! Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!



10 thoughts on “Taper Thoughts

  1. I seriously need that smiley face thingy! Do you know if amazon sells them? I spill on myself all the time. I actually bought a camel back water bottle because I was so sick of spilling. My nalgene is now my summer water bottle because it’s bigger. I tend to drink more water in the summer.

  2. Good luck!!! You’re going to do great!

    Okay, not even exaggerating, but I spill water down the front of my shirt on a DAILY basis. Luckily, I don’t have this problem with food, but it happens all the time with water! I need one of those inserts!

  3. I’m pretty sure you’re done with your run, so congratulations! So proud of you 🙂 Enjoy your Monday off, eat, drink, and have someone come message your legs lol.

    • Thank you do much! Went much better than I could have hoped and ate my face off after! Mani/pedi tomorrow and a massage once my muscles stop screaming at me!

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