Goodbye November

And it’s Wednesday! The last day of November. Although by the looks of SF, our apartment, and my play-list you’d think we were at least mid-way through December. I love that the Christmas season gets to last just a little bit longer this year. November was a great month full of a 1/2 Marathon PR, my 27th birthday, the LAST double digit training runs pre-marathon, a wonderful Thanksgiving with all of my loved ones and a lot of fun throughout the month.

After a particularly cloudy and foggy day (the fog was sitting on the Golden Gate Bridge last night to the point that it was almost invisible), the sun is out for a beautiful, crisp, fall/winter day. And the winds are a raging! There’s a chance winds may get up to 70mph tonight.

Something else that’s beautiful? Christmas trees. (Be ready for at least one Christmas mention in every single post from now until about the 28th.)

And the fact that I have 2 miles to run before the marathon on Sunday. (Which is now 4 days away.) 2 Miles. That. is. it. I went to the gym at lunch today, ran glorious 4 miles at a relaxing 10-minute mile pace and read Vogue. I’m pretty sure the universe will now explode from so much perfection in one run.

Speaking of running, I now get about 2-5 e-mails a day from the marathon people with subjects ranging from the expo, the bus in the morning (thank you Lexi’s parents in advance for our ride!), and today’s e-mail – how to take good marathon pictures while running.

In case you’re looking for some tips:

  • Pin your Bib Number high on your chest  & keep it visible Because that sounds comfortable.
  • Look Up As opposed to…. down? While running in a marathon with thousands of other people just waiting to trample me?
  • Don’t cross your arms. Quite frankly if you can run while crossing your arms that is a feat in and of itself and it very photograph worthy.
  • Don’t stop your watch at the Finish-Line I’m pretty sure the last thing on my mind when I cross the finish line will be my watch. The only thing I will be thinking is “IT’S OVER”

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night. I’m pretty sure only women watched it. Which is fine, because the “outfits” (I use the term loosely) were gorgeous, the hair was perfect, and I’m pretty sure no one would allow me to wear a $2.5 million dollar bra so good for Miranda Kerr. Also, maybe it was just me (or a hell of a lot of photo-shop in the catalogs) but I was expecting stick figures. These women are ripped. We’re talking serious muscle definition. I was beyond impressed.

And then I promptly signed up for multiple pilates classes next week.

I now aspire to have abs like the angels. And moves like Jagger. (damn it Adam Levine and your stupid live singing.) I also want to become best friends with Miranda Kerr. Did anyone else #1 watch and #2 find it as adorable as I did that whenever she’d walk by Orlando Bloom would stand up and she’d wave at him? And just to really rub it in- she had a baby less than a year ago.

In addition to consuming 96+ ounces of water during the work day (it’s quite possible I’m over hydrating but I’m not taking any chances for Sunday), I’ve also been obsessively checking the weather for Sunday. So far, so good great.

While the low of 34 isn’t exactly ideal, the fact that it won’t rain, will be sunny, and  (hopefully) won’t be warmer than 60 is very, very exciting to me. That is my idea of perfect running weather. I’m planning on wearing arm warmers, cheap gloves, and a long sleeve shirt over my tank and capris (I’m thinking shorts in 30 degree weather is a no-go, but I’m determined to find a way to make them work. I can’t run without my brand new Tempos/matching shirt!) so that I can gracefully chuck them on the side of the road once they are no longer needed.

With that little mumble jumble of thoughts (it’s been a long day of end-of-the-month madness over here in technology sales land) I’m off to get my hair cut.

Hope you’re having a great day!


4 thoughts on “Goodbye November

  1. Yay for the sun being out! I was tired of the grey, foggy weather! Eek how exciting that your marathon is sooo soon! You will be great! And Miranda Kerr seems like the sweetest person ever. She’s gorgeous but doesn’t seem like she would be bitchy… and her body is banging, I can’t believe she had a kid a year ago! I didn’t watch the show but some friends posted some really creepy pictures of some of the girls– their vertebrae were bulging from their neck and all down their spine… creepy!

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