Steps For a Successful Tuesday

I woke up this morning (after hitting snooze 3 times and wondering how 7am got here so darn quickly) and immediately fired up iTunes to blast *Nsync Christmas while getting ready.  I’m sure the neighbors LOVE our apartment today.

Rise and Shine people. Rise and Shine.

Then I burned a copy for my drive to work and rocked out (and sang loudly) the entire way. I even sang at the stop lights now that my disguise for singing in the car is blown. (Did anyone else used to hold their phone up to their ear while they sang in the car to avoid getting caught by neighboring cars? I did. But with California’s cell phone laws now I’ll just get a ticket. And weird looks for pretending to be on my phone while singing. While the cop writes me a ticket.)

Then I walked by all of the beautiful lit up trees, and through a lobby with more trees, lights, and Christmas cheer on my way to Starbucks. (Yes right as I was about to grab my cup of coffee before I left the apartment, it became apparent my Keurig was rebelling again.)

Where I got my latte in a festive, red cup.

Then I took said latte in said red cup and walked into my building only to be greeted by more Christmas trees, lights, and the scent of beautiful, beautiful pine. And wreaths. And even some poinsettias.

To summarize:

  • Snooze Button
  • *NSYNC Christmas
  • Walking by as many trees, lights, and places that smell like pine as possible
  • Lattes in red cups

And that my fellow full-time-job-going friends is how to make Tuesday mornings not suck. 🙂

Have a great day!


3 thoughts on “Steps For a Successful Tuesday

  1. Haha love your recipe for jobs not sucking! I was blasting Christmas music this morning too! Mine was a mix of N’Sync, Glee Christmas and Mariah Carey… clearly acting like I’m 14, not in my mid-20s haha. I didn’t have time for a red cup beverage this morning but I’ve been craving one! Maybe at lunch!

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