Week 17 to 26.2

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend! I’m definitely not ready for it to be over just yet! (As evidenced by the plate of left overs I put away in about 13 seconds flat for dinner.)

This time next Sunday I will have run a marathon. A damn marathon. 26.2 miles. I’m hopeful that by this time, 7pm (roughly 8 hours after finishing), I will still be eating. Homemade pizzas preferably. With a side of Candy Cane Joe Joe’s. I would say the eating part is high on my list of marathon goals. (More on that in a later post!)

This week’s training looked like this:

Week numero dos of tapering!

The amount of energy I had this week was unreal. There was zero falling asleep on the couch at 10pm. Rather I lasted until 1am Friday night watching movies with boyfriend and until around 3am last night when we all went out.

I gotta say it’s a little reassuring to know I’ve still got it in me!

Monday – Pilates

I did my usual 55 minute long Pilates Reformer class and left with my legs shaking. The amount of lunging and squatting we did was insane. And while I was less than thrilled while doing it… I loved how I felt afterwards. Which I feel like is usually the norm. Silently cursing the instructor while lunging and squatting and then wanting to hug her for making me work so hard afterwards.

As I write this post I’m watching Kourtney and Kim take New York. I’ve already picked a favorite Kadashian. And his name is Mason. My least favorite? Krazy Kris. Seriously, where did Kim find this loser?

Ahh yes, that’s right. Obscurity.

Tuesday – 4 mile run + Pilates

I did a little back-to-back and covered 4 miles on the treadmill (coincidentally enough while watching Keeping up with the Kardashians) and then went to another Pilates Reformer Class. I like to get at least 2 Pilates classes in a week and I knew with the holiday weekend, it would be better to get the classes in sooner rather than later.

Just like Mason had to crack the whip on Kris and get him out of that hotel suite.

Wednesday – 8 Mile Run

I had originally intended to do my “long” run over the weekend but I found myself with some free time on Wednesday morning (PTO will do that to a person) and I knew I’d want to relax Saturday and Sunday so I headed to my mom’s gym and busted out the 8 miles there.

I had intended to do 5 so my breakfast consisted of black coffee and a banana. Needless to say I was starving and dehydrated by the time I finished the run. But I finished!

Thursday – Turkey Trot 5K!

Woke up bright and early to run the Walnut Creek Turkey Trot 5K with my brother! We covered 3.2 miles at an easy pace and had so much fun running together. (And pointing out the dogs in raincoats.) It was a great way to break up an otherwise extremely monotonous training week.

Speaking of break-ups… I’m dying to see how this season of Kourtney and Kim plays out.

Friday – REST (aka eat leftovers)

Friday was perfect. Boyfriend and I slept in, made a delicious breakfast, hung out with my family, headed back to SF in the afternoon and spent the evening watching Panic Room, Limitless (excellent. Bradley Cooper was fantastic) and The Last 3 Days (can you tell we were actively scrolling through the Netflix Instant Queue?) and ordering in dinner (for me), and slicing up sashimi (for him). Great, great day.

Saturday – 5 mile run

After sleeping in until around 11 (evidently we’re sleep deprived), we headed to the gym to get in a workout – I ran on the treadmill at around a 9:05 pace and then walked a mile to cool-down. Then got even more cardio decorating the apartment for Christmas!

Which is probably more than this guy has done all year.

Sunday – 4 mile run

Easy 4 mile run – 8:57 pace. 4th to last training run. Ever. Read the Kindle. Sweated profusely (the gym was about 87 degrees).

The marathon is now less than 7 days away. Mildy freaking out, but really, really excited to crush 26.2 miles. I’ve put in the training, I have 3 easy (4, 3 and 2 miles respectively) runs this upcoming week (and a couple Pilates classes) and then it’s Marathon time!

Since I will probably never be able to commit another 18 weeks of my life to an extremely time-consuming training plan, I’m making this count!

~1 Week and Counting.

Time to watch the rest of After Lately… I’m obsessed with Chelsea Handler and watch Chelsea Lately every night, so to have another 30 minutes of this on Sundays makes me extremely happy. And also makes me laugh out loud hysterically like a fool.

(Yes I’ve seen her stand-up routine live and yes I’ve read every books she’s ever written and I highly, highly recommend both.)



6 thoughts on “Week 17 to 26.2

  1. Ahhh so excited for you! Sounds like you had a great week/holiday weekend.

    My gym recently started offering Pilates reformer classes, and I think I’m going to have to try it out. I just don’t seem to get much out of plain old Pilates mat classes…

    • You should definitely try it! It helps with running SO much (strengthens legs, core, booty, obliques, arms) and makes your core seriously strong. I was the same way – I didn’t feel like mat Pilates was enough, then I ended up finding a studio that was reasonable (I feel like reformer places can get SO pricey) and I love the instructors!

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