Christmas in November?

Happy Monday! (The only way a Monday that started in the 6am hour can be “happy” is if a short week comes after it in my opinion). 🙂

You’d think with all of the sleeping that occurred yesterday (slept until noon, eat, nap 2-4, gym, eat, sleep) I would have been tossing and turning all night. Not so – I was out like a light, and woke up feeling completely refreshed (but another hour or two of sleep would have been welcomed with open arms!)

Today marks the beginning of Thanksgiving week!

And even though San Francisco has decided it’s appropriate to put up Christmas lights, trees and massive ornaments (I’m looking at you 101 California Street) on November 21, I choose to celebrate November for what it really is – my birthday month Thanksgiving!

I love all things fall – apple cider, falling leaves, crisp cool days, gathering together for a Thanksgiving feast with loved ones, and everything that comes with it! Winter lasts far too long, so while I love to celebrate the holidays, I like to wait until Thanksgiving has come and gone before I go all out with my decorating.

(That’s not to say I haven’t fired up the *Nsync Christmas Pandora Station, because I have. But everything else will have to wait until December 1… or November 28. Because when Thanksgiving’s over, it’s over, right?) And then you bet I will fully embrace and enjoy every single Christmas decoration I can until January! Our apartment will probably be fully decorated by 8am on Monday morning.

My Spiced Chestnut candle has about .4 inches of wax left to burn. It’s sad really –  we’ve had such good times together over the past month.

But I mean technically “Spiced Chestnut” could go well into December… maybe I’ll have to pick up another when I go in for my annual “Winter Forest” candle next week.

Do you like to get the Christmas decorating started as early as possible? Or are you a wait until Thanksgiving is over kind of person like myself?


6 thoughts on “Christmas in November?

  1. Christmas does feel like it’s already in full swing in SF! I’m not going to lie though, I kind of love all the decorations and ice rinks! But usually I’m a wait until after thanksgiving kind of gal! Though, like you, I’ve started listening to Christmas music! I try and limit it though because I know once Dec 1 hits, I’m going to have it on 24/7 🙂 Ohh and those candles sound amazing! Where are they from??

    PS You are sooo right… the Biebs needs to hire someone to stop whatever “look” he’s been going for! I’m surprised Selena allows it!

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