Week 16 to 26.2

The end of this week marks the last double-digit training run on the marathon plan.

It also means that at this time in exactly 2-weeks I will have finished the marathon. And probably still be eating.

The LAST. Which in my mind, I treated like it was a 30-minute run. And about 10 miles in had a “What are you thinking? 12 miles is one-mile short of a half-marathon. It’s just under 2 hours of running. Take it seriously.”

Clearly running 21-mile long runs has jaded me in a way I never thought possible.

If you missed the previous recaps:

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Here’s what Week 16 (and Week 1 of tapering) looked like:

Total Miles: 32

Monday – Pilates Refomer Class

The teacher was saucy, had on salsa music and left me near exhaustion. Burpees I do not like you, you are not my friend. I do not like random bursts of 1-minute cardio intervals (mountain climbers included) when I’m trying to get my muscle on.

Tuesday – 5 Mile Run + Pilates Reformer Class

For some reason my runs felt great this week – even after the 21-miler the week before. I did this one at an 8:57 pace while (wait for it) reading my Kindle on the treadmill. I understand I’m a freak for being able to read novels while running but I swear to you it makes those miles flyyyy by.

Then I dragged my sore and sorry legs to Pilates for the second day in-a-row. I’m still not sure why I decided that was a good idea. It wasn’t.

Wednesday – 6 Mile Run

My 27th Birthday! So as not to take any time away from the glorious feast my mom prepared, I went to the gym at lunch to get my run out-of-the-way. I ran it at an 8:57 pace, and the last mile at an 8:20 pace. I felt like I was flying! Then I just felt really, really hungry for lunch.

The Kindle was an integral part of the run. (Bet you didn’t see that one coming!)

Thursday – 5 Mile Run

Treadmill. 8:57 pace for the first 4 and an 7:53 the last mile. Kindle. Another run that  reminds you why you spend 18 weeks training and $150… to run an even longer distance.

Friday – 4 Mile Pace Run

I guess the “pace” doesn’t really apply as I’ve been running all of my shorter training runs at “pace”. Or maybe that just means I need to aim for a bit of a faster pace?

Either way, I ran the 4 miles, (the shortest run I’ve run in quite a while, and I won’t lie to you it felt totally weird to be done that quickly) at an 8:57 pace at the gym, while it poured outside.

I’m still going to stick to my pace “goal” for the marathon and who knows, maybe I’ll get speedier in future races!

Saturday – 12 Mile Long Run

The aforementioned last double-digit training run! I got up at 8am (I refuse to do anything earlier at this point), had a cup of black coffee and an english muffin with almond butter, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice and honey (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it as far as I’m concerned) and met Lexi at 9am.

We set off along the Embarcadero, looped around AT&T Park and headed back towards the Golden Gate Bridge. I was so, so happy we were running together and could chat, and complain about how much we’re ready to just run this darn marathon and be done with all of these training runs. Thoughts of yoga, spin, long walks, runs when we want to were highly talked about subjects. Also: beach trips, cocktails, upcoming plans, holiday dresses, shoes, food, etc.

I’m clearly jaded from this training as I treated a 12-mile run as nothing more than a 3-mile run. Um wrong. A 12-mile run is still hard, and it’s still tiring, and you still need fuel. (Which we did not take, resulting in Lexi and I hightailing it for smoothies as soon as we were done.)

The conversation quickly shifted to bigger breakfasts come marathon morning, and ample Gu, Chomps, Pretzal Sticks, etc while running.

Overall the run felt great, there were a couple of hills, but minimal, and we completed it in 1:54. . . pretty good for a long run!

Sunday – Rest 45 Minutes Elliptical

What was planned as a rest day, quickly turned into a bit of extra cross-training after I drank my face off last night and then topped it off with late night pizza. And then slept pretty much all day.

I felt like I should join boyfriend at the gym or risk re-defining lazy Sunday.

We celebrated my birthday last night (thank you to everyone who came out!) and I had an absolute blast. I celebrated with boyfriend and several close friends and had a fantastic night. The copper mug didn’t leave my hand until it was time to head to the bars (I debated bringing it) and then it was a Grey Goose and Soda that took its place until I had deemed 1am pizza time.

This upcoming week is even lighter mileage wise, and I’m pumped! I even coerced my younger brother into running a Turkey Trot 5K with me on Thanksgiving morning! (And upgraded his t-shirt to a long-sleeve technical shirt… Sister of the Year or what?)

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, pumpkin pie, and wine count as proper Marathon fueling right?

14 days and counting!


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