Um, It’s Raining

This is what today looks like:



I’m the type of person that doesn’t venture outside if there is water falling from the sky. If I have to workout, I go to the gym which appropriately shields me from the elements. What does one even wear to run in the rain?

Lexi’s on her way, so it would appear there is no escaping the fact that I will indeed be outside, in the rain, for 20 miles this fine Veteran’s Day morning.

The next 3ish hours should be a blast.

I’ll report back post-cheeseburger. 🙂

Happy Friday!


10 thoughts on “Um, It’s Raining

  1. Have a good run! I woke up all gung-ho and ready to run 20 miles too… but the rain is seriously keeping me in bed. Unlike you, I have all weekend to get this done though. 😐 GOOD LUCK & enjoy your last 20 miler!

  2. You’re going to do great on your run! I used to be afraid to run in the rain too, but I find it kind of like it now because no one else goes out in it so it’s so peaceful.
    We started training for our respective marathons at the same time and although I can’t train for mine anymore, I love following along with your training. I’m cheering for you girl!

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