One of my favorite dishes in life comes from a fantastic restaurant in SF called Capurros.

Not only is it family owned and operated, but the chef happens to be a very good friend of ours, so to say we’re regulars would be an understatement.

I’ve probably tried half the menu at this point, and barely edging out the homemade ravioli is the Pesto Gnocchi with Fresh Crab. Boyfriend and I have deemed it the best. dish. ever.

This dish is unbelievable. To the point that I will scrape the plate with a fork in order to get every last creamy pesto bite.

Tonight, it’s exactly what we wanted.

However an 8-mile training run, 2 loads of laundry and boyfriend’s basketball game prevented us from going to our beloved Capurros for said crab pesto gnocchi.

And then inspiration struck.

We had a package of fresh basil that was on its last legs. Upon further inspection it was apparent that the legs had completely fallen off and the basil was rapidly browning and would have to go. Enter organic arugula! It’s green, same consistency… it had to work.

Ever since my mom started making homemade pesto from the basil in our backyard and sending in tupperware containers for us to freeze, I refuse to buy store-bought pesto. I just can’t do it now that I’ve seen the light. It would be like Lindsay Lohan actually staging a comeback. It just doesn’t feel right.

And what else was I supposed to do when I found myself with a pantry and fridge full of fresh basil arugula, pine nuts, olive oil, gnocchi, chicken and parmesan cheese?


We may not have had fresh crab on hand, but we did have a rotisserie chicken just begging to be pulled and mixed in with something delicious.

So I annihilated the pesto ingredients in the food processor while eating dark chocolate covered pretzels. (What? I’m marathon training remember?) 😉

Arugula Pesto

Serves 2… very hungry people.

I eye-balled the ingredients… and it looked like this:

  • 2 heaping handfuls organic arugula
  • 2 large scoops of parmesan cheese
  • 2 large scoops of pine nuts
  • Olive Oil
  • Sea Salt
  • Lemon Pepper
Put the arugula, parmesan cheese, pine nuts, lemon pepper and salt into the food processor and grind until it’s pretty fine. Then drizzle in olive oil until it reaches the consistency you’re going for… or until it looks like pesto.
Taste 8-10 times to make sure it passes the poison test.
I quickly boiled some gnocchi from Trader Joes, chopped up the remainder of a rotisserie chicken and mixed it all together.
The end result?
I inhaled my bowl in about 30 seconds and boyfriend went back for seconds. The pesto had a bite to it from the peppery arugula and I was a huge, huge fan. This is coming from the girl that puts pesto on everything. Toast included. My pesto taste buds are extremely snobby.
Arugula pesto will definitely be a repeat offender in our household.
Time to watch the new Real World… why they allowed the 19-year-old on the show is a mystery to me. Poor girl has to be DD every night they go out.
And on a parting note… I made Skinny Runner’s Weekend O’ Races!!

4 thoughts on “Improvising.

  1. Oh my gosh- so impressed with you right now! This looks absolutely amazing! And it doesn’t sound too hard, so even I could do it! I’m with you on the pesto on everything… I just can’t get enough! But I’ve never tried that restaurant and am def adding it to the list!

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