A Random Assortment

Happy Thursday!

Since tomorrow just so happens to be Veterans Day, I decided to take a floating holiday. So Happy “Friday” to all of you guys who happen to be in the same glorious situation. (And if not, hey tomorrow’s Friday regardless!) 🙂

Today in Pilates, something strange happened. We had a grunter in class. Wearing a sports bra and chugging a water bottle like she was running a marathon in Hawaii in the summertime. I’ve never experienced grunting in a Pilates class before. Probably because Pilates doesn’t merit grunting. We use 3lb dumbbells for goodness sake.

Last night while boyfriend was at basketball, I was flipping channels and landed on the CMA Awards. I will fully admit to being a huge country music fan and I LOVE country music awards shows – mainly because there is performance after performance. And a lot of jokes about beer and whiskey. Which I find funny.

And as much as I will still stand strong on the fact that the girl cannot sing live, I do love Taylor Swift. And I was so pumped she won Entertainer of the Year and took it away from all the boys. Mostly because she was so pumped she won Entertainer of the Year.

And while I’m sorry, but I find Carrie Underwood to be one of the more annoying human hosts I’ve witnessed (but the girl can sing!), I think Brad Paisley is hilarious (and gets bonus points for being married to Annie Banks from Father of the Bride, which happens to be my favorite movie of all time.)

Tomorrow I have my last long training run. 14 weeks, and more miles than I care to count, and it all ends tomorrow. To celebrate, my friend and marathon partner Lexi and I are running it together and finishing it off with burgers and fries. (Post shower. We’re not looking to scare off other patrons.)

I have a 12 mile long run and an 8 mile long run during my taper over the next couple of weeks, but compared to 20?

Piece of cake. Any distance that takes less than 2 hours to complete? Sign me up.

Time to relax! Hope you had a great night!


6 thoughts on “A Random Assortment

  1. Omg loveee all your comments about the CMAs! I only caught the last 10 minutes, but obviously stalked all their outfit choices online… aka my favorite part of awards shows! I think Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are quite possibly the cutest couple ever- he looks just so in love with her! And I had no idea that Brad Paisley was married to the girl from father of the bride?? And ya, T.Swift was freaking out- but did you see how pissed she looked when Miranda Lambert won the award before her? Girl couldn’t hide it. Have an awesome day off today and enjoy your floating holiday! I wish my work had those!

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