Week 14 to 26.2

I actually can’t believe it’s less than one month until MARATHON DAY. Seriously, where did the time go? I’ve been training for 14 WEEKS. Insanity, for real.

Last week was my second-to-last week of hard training. This week is my peak week and then starting on Monday I’m in the glorious hands of a 3-week taper!

If you missed the previous training recaps:

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Week 14 looked like this:

I can say without a doubt it was my strongest week of training yet. All of my runs were strong and at a pace I was actually shocked I could keep up the entire time.

I guess all of this training actually does work? 😉

Monday-  Pilates Reformer Class

I have been taking hour-long Pilates Reformer classes twice a week since starting to train for this marathon and I can honestly say it’s made all the difference in the world in my training and my running. My legs, booty and core feel solid and they have gotten so much stronger. I’m not the kind of person that does weights on her on in the gym, so these PIlates classes are exactly what I need to get strength training and toning in. So this is where arm muscles come from. Who knew?

I can’t recommend Pilates enough when training for a marathon or half-marathon and I know I wouldn’t be having the training successes (and staying injury free!) I’ve had without it. I knew Gwyneth and Jennifer were on to something.

Tuesday – 5 Mile Run

Hit the treadmill for a 5-mile run at an 8:57 pace while reading a novel on my Kindle. The amount of books I’ve read via Kindle while running during marathon training is a little ridiculous. (We’re getting into double digits and I’m not even kidding.)

Wednesday – 5 Mile Run

Ditto Tuesday. Started a new book after I finished the last one. I can’t even tell you how fast it makes the miles tick by.

Thursday – 5 Mile Run + Pilates Reformer Class

Ditto Tuesday and Wednesday. 8:57 pace. Read the Kindle on the treadmill.

Friday – 8 Mile Run 

Once again I hit the treadmill. I’ve been struggling with getting bored on my routes on long runs (and shorter-ish runs) alike so I’ve been trying to stick with the treadmill during the week and then get outside for my long runs. I think it’s been saving my knees and legs too because my muscle soreness has been pretty minimal.

I was pretty shocked to be able to hold an 8:57 pace for 5 miles on my Tuesday, Wednesday (Wed-nes-day), and Thursday runs and honestly couldn’t believe I could hold it for 8 miles on Friday.

4 months ago I was struggling to hold a 9:30 pace. . . it’s really amazing how far you can go if you stick to it and focus on a huge goal. I’m constantly in awe of how focused I can be, and of the mental toughness I’ve developed. I am definitely not the same runner I was a year ago! (That runner decided that walking the distances the last couple of weeks of her half-marathon training plan would give her the same results as running them. Genius.)

Saturday – REST!

Saturday I had to go to Sports Basement in the Marina to pick up my bib for Sunday’s Us Half Marathon so Boyfriend and I drove to the Crissy Field Cafe to eat breakfast outdoors by the Bay and point out each and every dog. (Seriously I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to anything more than getting a Lab puppy. Preferably a Chocolate Lab but let’s be real, I’m not picky.)

We picked up my bib (seamlessly thanks to being a St Jude Hero and being able to go to a designated area!), and a couple of packs of Gu Watermelon Chomps before running some errands and relaxing the rest of the day. (Minus the internal panic attack I had at midnight when my iPhone didn’t automatically “fall back”. Who knew it was 2am? Not me.)

Sunday – 12 Miles US Half Marathon!

I ran my second 1/2 Marathon in 4 mos and PR-ed! I finished in 1:55, a 3-minute improvement from my 1/2 Marathon in August. It was a tough course, and I was honestly amazed that my legs were ready to move that fast and hold on to that pace for 13 miles.

Photo from The Giant Race Half Marathon in August, since Brightroom is taking their sweet time putting pictures from Sunday up.

This run more than any other run gave me a huge boost of Marathon confidence and really convinced me that I’ve put in the training and that in a few short weeks, I’ll be ready. Gone are my under-training fears. I’m confident, I’ve put in the mileage, I’ll stick to a solid taper, and then I’ll hope for the best on Marathon day!

I’m 2 days into Peak Week with a 20-22 mile run at the end of the week! As much fun as it’s been watching my body adapt to all of this training, I will say that I am so excited to not have to wake up at 7am on a Saturday morning to tackle 20 miles. Ever again. (For now.)

Come December 5 all I’ll be tackling on Saturday mornings is breakfast. Yes please.


5 thoughts on “Week 14 to 26.2

  1. You are so awesome and your training plan is kicking major ass! This marathon will be a breeze for you. 🙂 Will let you know about Friday run when I know more — congrats again on a killer week!

    • Thank you! I honestly can’t believe I’ve stuck to it like I have… this has never happened before. I guess paralyzing fear of running 26.2 miles can do that to a person!

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