So I’m Running a Half Marathon on Sunday…


It was a brisk 43 degrees outside this morning when I left for work, and currently the sun is trying to peek through the clouds, but SF has rain on the forecast. All weekend.

Now would be a good time to mention that I’m running a half-marathon on Sunday… and really hoping that the “occasional showers possible” is post 9am. Even 9:03 would be OK with me.

I’m running the US Half Marathon, which I had actually signed up for before making the full marathon decision, and at the time, it was a big, big deal to train for 13.1 miles again. I swore after the Nike Women’s Half last October I would never run further than 5 miles ever again.

My how the tables have turned.

I have 12 miles on the training schedule for Sunday so I figure an extra 1.1 isn’t going to hurt anyone. I’ve run the 12K in the US Half before, but never the 1/2 Marathon and I’m pumped to get another half under my belt before the full.

Which is exactly 30 days from today. Holy s$#*!

I like that this race is on the smaller(ish) side, and I love that it’s across the Golden Gate Bridge and along the water (hopefully sans tourist trying to run me down unintentionally (or intentionally?) on their bicycles.)

I don’t like that it’s SO UPHILL.

While I’m no Christopher Columbus, it seems to me that from mile 2.9 to 4.3 is an almost steady uphill. and lets not even get into 5.8 to 7.1. That’s going to be a fun 14 minutes.

The only saving grace is that it appears that the second half of the race is mostly downhill. So I figure I pace myself enough on that ugly, nasty upward facing line leading to mile 7 and then start to enjoy the race just in time for a post-race brunch.

My plan is to run it somewhere between racing and my long run pace… I don’t want to get all crazy and jeopardize the last 4 months of training I’ve put in for the full marathon by going out too hard and hurting myself.

Last but not least I’m running as a St Jude’s Hero, and I’m pumped! Thank you so much to my family, friends, and workplace for donating to my cause! We raised over $800! 🙂

Sunday’s race will also be the last race I run in my beloved Nike Frees that I’ve been training in since August (and running in since April).I figure if it’s going to rain, these shoes are going out with a bang.

You’ve served me well old friend.

Boyfriend surprised me with new Nike Frees for the marathon, and I plan to start breaking them in on Monday so they’re ready to go on December 4!

A mere 30 days away.


Have a great Friday!


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