Goodbye November

And it’s Wednesday! The last day of November. Although by the looks of SF, our apartment, and my play-list you’d think we were at least mid-way through December. I love that the Christmas season gets to last just a little bit longer this year. November was a great month full of a 1/2 Marathon PR, my 27th birthday, the LAST double digit training runs pre-marathon, a wonderful Thanksgiving with all of my loved ones and a lot of fun throughout the month.

After a particularly cloudy and foggy day (the fog was sitting on the Golden Gate Bridge last night to the point that it was almost invisible), the sun is out for a beautiful, crisp, fall/winter day. And the winds are a raging! There’s a chance winds may get up to 70mph tonight.

Something else that’s beautiful? Christmas trees. (Be ready for at least one Christmas mention in every single post from now until about the 28th.)

And the fact that I have 2 miles to run before the marathon on Sunday. (Which is now 4 days away.) 2 Miles. That. is. it. I went to the gym at lunch today, ran glorious 4 miles at a relaxing 10-minute mile pace and read Vogue. I’m pretty sure the universe will now explode from so much perfection in one run.

Speaking of running, I now get about 2-5 e-mails a day from the marathon people with subjects ranging from the expo, the bus in the morning (thank you Lexi’s parents in advance for our ride!), and today’s e-mail – how to take good marathon pictures while running.

In case you’re looking for some tips:

  • Pin your Bib Number high on your chest  & keep it visible Because that sounds comfortable.
  • Look Up As opposed to…. down? While running in a marathon with thousands of other people just waiting to trample me?
  • Don’t cross your arms. Quite frankly if you can run while crossing your arms that is a feat in and of itself and it very photograph worthy.
  • Don’t stop your watch at the Finish-Line I’m pretty sure the last thing on my mind when I cross the finish line will be my watch. The only thing I will be thinking is “IT’S OVER”

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night. I’m pretty sure only women watched it. Which is fine, because the “outfits” (I use the term loosely) were gorgeous, the hair was perfect, and I’m pretty sure no one would allow me to wear a $2.5 million dollar bra so good for Miranda Kerr. Also, maybe it was just me (or a hell of a lot of photo-shop in the catalogs) but I was expecting stick figures. These women are ripped. We’re talking serious muscle definition. I was beyond impressed.

And then I promptly signed up for multiple pilates classes next week.

I now aspire to have abs like the angels. And moves like Jagger. (damn it Adam Levine and your stupid live singing.) I also want to become best friends with Miranda Kerr. Did anyone else #1 watch and #2 find it as adorable as I did that whenever she’d walk by Orlando Bloom would stand up and she’d wave at him? And just to really rub it in- she had a baby less than a year ago.

In addition to consuming 96+ ounces of water during the work day (it’s quite possible I’m over hydrating but I’m not taking any chances for Sunday), I’ve also been obsessively checking the weather for Sunday. So far, so good great.

While the low of 34 isn’t exactly ideal, the fact that it won’t rain, will be sunny, and  (hopefully) won’t be warmer than 60 is very, very exciting to me. That is my idea of perfect running weather. I’m planning on wearing arm warmers, cheap gloves, and a long sleeve shirt over my tank and capris (I’m thinking shorts in 30 degree weather is a no-go, but I’m determined to find a way to make them work. I can’t run without my brand new Tempos/matching shirt!) so that I can gracefully chuck them on the side of the road once they are no longer needed.

With that little mumble jumble of thoughts (it’s been a long day of end-of-the-month madness over here in technology sales land) I’m off to get my hair cut.

Hope you’re having a great day!


Steps For a Successful Tuesday

I woke up this morning (after hitting snooze 3 times and wondering how 7am got here so darn quickly) and immediately fired up iTunes to blast *Nsync Christmas while getting ready.  I’m sure the neighbors LOVE our apartment today.

Rise and Shine people. Rise and Shine.

Then I burned a copy for my drive to work and rocked out (and sang loudly) the entire way. I even sang at the stop lights now that my disguise for singing in the car is blown. (Did anyone else used to hold their phone up to their ear while they sang in the car to avoid getting caught by neighboring cars? I did. But with California’s cell phone laws now I’ll just get a ticket. And weird looks for pretending to be on my phone while singing. While the cop writes me a ticket.)

Then I walked by all of the beautiful lit up trees, and through a lobby with more trees, lights, and Christmas cheer on my way to Starbucks. (Yes right as I was about to grab my cup of coffee before I left the apartment, it became apparent my Keurig was rebelling again.)

Where I got my latte in a festive, red cup.

Then I took said latte in said red cup and walked into my building only to be greeted by more Christmas trees, lights, and the scent of beautiful, beautiful pine. And wreaths. And even some poinsettias.

To summarize:

  • Snooze Button
  • *NSYNC Christmas
  • Walking by as many trees, lights, and places that smell like pine as possible
  • Lattes in red cups

And that my fellow full-time-job-going friends is how to make Tuesday mornings not suck. 🙂

Have a great day!

Monday Rambles

Happy Monday! The only thing “happy” about today is that each and every lobby in each and every office building in the city seems to be bursting with Christmas trees, lights, ribbons, and the smell of fresh pine. All they need is a little Christmas music and Williams Sonoma peppermint bark/scented candle and my life would be complete. (Or as complete as life can be at 9am on a Monday that I have to be at work.) 😉

In honor of being back at work after a glorious, fantastic and wonderful long holiday weekend. My mind has had an assortment of thoughts this morning:

1. If I hear “Stereo Hearts” or “Moves Like Jagger” on the radio one more time I’m switching to XM. Exclusively. I didn’t like the songs to begin with and now they inspire a road rage in me that I didn’t know I have. Ditto Adele “Someone Like You”. (Which I loved at first.)

The Maroon 5 songs… not so much. I’ve disliked them ever since roughly 2007. Their first album? Brilliant. Everything else? Make it go away.

2. I love seeing SF all dressed up for Christmas! It made my morning complete. No I wasn’t at Macy’s this morning (even I have my limits), but I can’t wait to check out Union Square.

3. Cyber Monday. I would say about 75% of the emails I got in my inbox this morning told me that if I spend $250, I would get $50 off. And if I spent $500 I would save $100. On “almost” every purchase. What the hell kind of a fine print is that? I’m not playing your game Bloomingdales/ShopBop/Tory Burch. (OK Tory, I may play yours.)

That being said I did receive an e-mail from J.Crew that actually sounded like a deal – 25% off everything if you buy online! (No minimum purchase!)

4. I’m running a marathon in less than 6 days. When did it get so damn close? Why did I sign up for this again? I’m having a panic attack just thinking about running more than the single digits I’ve been running for the past 10 days. And also thinking about running 5 miles longer than any run I’ve ever done in my 27 years.

5. My Christmas shopping is 90% done. Online orders were placed, and gifts were purchased. Now it’s just wrapping and waiting for them to arrive (and thanks to Cyber Monday shipping deals that will be on Wednesday!), and shipping them out to out-of-towners. And writing out Christmas cards. I’m hoping I can light a Christmas candle, blast my Christmas Pandora station, and get it all done by Friday.

Although it will have to be done without any Christmas cheer. Apparently every running publication/runner/person alive has said to cut out all alcohol a week before the marathon. Which is do-able, and I have no problem with.

They also say to cut out caffeine. To which I say bah humbug. Not happening.

Hope you have a great Monday!

Week 17 to 26.2

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend! I’m definitely not ready for it to be over just yet! (As evidenced by the plate of left overs I put away in about 13 seconds flat for dinner.)

This time next Sunday I will have run a marathon. A damn marathon. 26.2 miles. I’m hopeful that by this time, 7pm (roughly 8 hours after finishing), I will still be eating. Homemade pizzas preferably. With a side of Candy Cane Joe Joe’s. I would say the eating part is high on my list of marathon goals. (More on that in a later post!)

This week’s training looked like this:

Week numero dos of tapering!

The amount of energy I had this week was unreal. There was zero falling asleep on the couch at 10pm. Rather I lasted until 1am Friday night watching movies with boyfriend and until around 3am last night when we all went out.

I gotta say it’s a little reassuring to know I’ve still got it in me!

Monday – Pilates

I did my usual 55 minute long Pilates Reformer class and left with my legs shaking. The amount of lunging and squatting we did was insane. And while I was less than thrilled while doing it… I loved how I felt afterwards. Which I feel like is usually the norm. Silently cursing the instructor while lunging and squatting and then wanting to hug her for making me work so hard afterwards.

As I write this post I’m watching Kourtney and Kim take New York. I’ve already picked a favorite Kadashian. And his name is Mason. My least favorite? Krazy Kris. Seriously, where did Kim find this loser?

Ahh yes, that’s right. Obscurity.

Tuesday – 4 mile run + Pilates

I did a little back-to-back and covered 4 miles on the treadmill (coincidentally enough while watching Keeping up with the Kardashians) and then went to another Pilates Reformer Class. I like to get at least 2 Pilates classes in a week and I knew with the holiday weekend, it would be better to get the classes in sooner rather than later.

Just like Mason had to crack the whip on Kris and get him out of that hotel suite.

Wednesday – 8 Mile Run

I had originally intended to do my “long” run over the weekend but I found myself with some free time on Wednesday morning (PTO will do that to a person) and I knew I’d want to relax Saturday and Sunday so I headed to my mom’s gym and busted out the 8 miles there.

I had intended to do 5 so my breakfast consisted of black coffee and a banana. Needless to say I was starving and dehydrated by the time I finished the run. But I finished!

Thursday – Turkey Trot 5K!

Woke up bright and early to run the Walnut Creek Turkey Trot 5K with my brother! We covered 3.2 miles at an easy pace and had so much fun running together. (And pointing out the dogs in raincoats.) It was a great way to break up an otherwise extremely monotonous training week.

Speaking of break-ups… I’m dying to see how this season of Kourtney and Kim plays out.

Friday – REST (aka eat leftovers)

Friday was perfect. Boyfriend and I slept in, made a delicious breakfast, hung out with my family, headed back to SF in the afternoon and spent the evening watching Panic Room, Limitless (excellent. Bradley Cooper was fantastic) and The Last 3 Days (can you tell we were actively scrolling through the Netflix Instant Queue?) and ordering in dinner (for me), and slicing up sashimi (for him). Great, great day.

Saturday – 5 mile run

After sleeping in until around 11 (evidently we’re sleep deprived), we headed to the gym to get in a workout – I ran on the treadmill at around a 9:05 pace and then walked a mile to cool-down. Then got even more cardio decorating the apartment for Christmas!

Which is probably more than this guy has done all year.

Sunday – 4 mile run

Easy 4 mile run – 8:57 pace. 4th to last training run. Ever. Read the Kindle. Sweated profusely (the gym was about 87 degrees).

The marathon is now less than 7 days away. Mildy freaking out, but really, really excited to crush 26.2 miles. I’ve put in the training, I have 3 easy (4, 3 and 2 miles respectively) runs this upcoming week (and a couple Pilates classes) and then it’s Marathon time!

Since I will probably never be able to commit another 18 weeks of my life to an extremely time-consuming training plan, I’m making this count!

~1 Week and Counting.

Time to watch the rest of After Lately… I’m obsessed with Chelsea Handler and watch Chelsea Lately every night, so to have another 30 minutes of this on Sundays makes me extremely happy. And also makes me laugh out loud hysterically like a fool.

(Yes I’ve seen her stand-up routine live and yes I’ve read every books she’s ever written and I highly, highly recommend both.)


Let Them Eat Turkey

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ours was wonderful – full of family, loved ones, food, football (I only paid attention to the last quarter), and more food.

Boyfriend and I were in charge of salad, so we decided to go with a play on the caprese salad – in a bacon nest! We wrapped fresh applewood bacon around the underside of a muffin tin to make the “nests”, baked them, and added spinach tossed with EVOO and balsamic, fresh mozzarella and grape tomatoes.

Successful indeed!

After a delicious fest, wine, dessert, and a nap for a few of us (for one I was not involved in said sleeping), we ended the night watching Home Alone (a tradition boyfriend and I started a few years back while in Indiana – it just happens to be on every Thanksgiving. Except this year. So we spent $3.99 in the Direct TV theater for it. Mom + Dad – I.O.U.) while the fire roared away.

Just a quick glimpse into our Thanksgiving: (and coincidentally I’m inhaling a plate of leftovers as we speak.)

Turkey Trotting with my younger brother:

Rainy Fall Day:

The most delicious mashed sweet potatoes:

Sourdough Stuffing:

15 lb Bird:

Mom doing the honors:

Giada’s Cheesy Baked Mashed Potatoes:

Bacon Nests fresh out of the oven:


Early Evening Group Nap:

I was too busy devouring Apple Pie a la mode and Chocolate Decadence to stop and take a picture. My sincerest apologies.

It was a wonderful day full of giving thanks and spending time with loved ones. And eating.

Until next year…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you’re gearing up for a day full of family, friends and food!

My brother and I got up bright and early to head out to the Walnut Creek Turkey Trot!

It was raining at the start but about 5 minutes in, the weather cleared up and it was a perfect, crisp fall morning. I ran with no Garmin, no pace, and no thoughts but to have fun and enjoy the run with my younger brother. Mission accomplished.

His favorite part was throwing the water cups on the ground after he drank them. My favorite part was obviously pointing out all of the dogs running with raincoats on. (The Brittany and the German Shepards being my favorites. Huge doggie raincoats. Can you beat that?)

Also the thought that the marathon is going to be about 9 times the distance we ran this morning popped into my head. Which was just great.

Boyfriend and his mom are arriving in a couple of hours so time to peel some potatoes with my mom and settle in to watch the Macys Thanksgiving Parade! (Is it wrong to say I’m thankful they featured a performance of “King of New York” from the new Newsies Broadway Musical? Only my 2nd all-time favorite musical ever. Rent is in 1st place, with Wicked coming in at a close 3rd in case you were wondering.)

What do you think the odds are we can forgo football and watch the National Dog Show after the parade instead? (I kid, I kid. Kind of.)

I am so thankful to be surrounded by the people I love today, that we’re all healthy and happy, for a wonderful relationship with an amazing boyfriend, for great friends both near and far, and that I’ve been lucky enough to be able to chase my dreams and goals this year.


A dog is clearly the next goal 🙂

From our rainy Northern California Thanksgiving to yours – I hope you have a wonderful day!

Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Hope your week has “ended” well (on the work front). Now the fun part begins!

And by fun part I mean family, friends, food (clearly), turkey trotting, wine, and football.

(As of about 2 weeks ago I’ve started to enjoy watching the NFL games with boyfriend – if you know me, you know this is a big deal – I am not a football kind of girl. Give me basketball or baseball any day.) Two weeks ago I napped through the entire game. Last weekend I watched the first quarter then napped through the rest.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to at least pay attention to half the game. Maybe.

Since I know you can’t be sick of hearing about it yet, I did my LAST long run of marathon training! EVER! 8 miles. Done. 6 days of running for 45 minutes or less at a time are all that now stand between me and 26.2 miles.

In other running news, I used both bribery (I’ll pay your registration fee!) and rationalizing (great exercise before we eat!) to get my brother to run a 5K Turkey Trot with me tomorrow and I’m pretty sure I was about 1000 times more excited than he was to pick up our numbers and shirts this afternoon.

It’s his first ever race and I’m so excited he agreed finally said yes so that I would shut up about it and decided to run! No matter what we’re going to run the entire thing together and finish together. Pace is not going to be a word in my vocabulary tomorrow. Just fun.

Tonight is consisting of homemade pizzas, a glass of vino, homemade pie making (I usually “supervise” since it takes me about 5 minutes to chop an apple), and curling up to read InStyle/Vanity Fair on the couch in front of the fireplace.

I’ll probably also bug my brother every 12 minutes to find out his excitement level in waking up at 7am and running 3.2 miles with me. I bet it’s getting pretty high at this point.

I cannot WAIT for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and have so, so much to be thankful for.

Hope you have a great evening! 🙂