Is It Saturday Yet?

Happy Monday/Halloween!

The first thought I had when the alarm went off at 6:50 this morning was “How is it pitch black out at 7am and it’s not even November?” Don’t they realize that when it’s dark out it makes me that much more likely to hit snooze 18 times?

Thank goodness we “fall back” this weekend. An extra hour of sleep has never been so necessary.

This weekend was a whirlwind to say the least. I’m definitely looking forward to a lower key upcoming weekend! (Yes already thinking about it, one-track mind over here.)

Having a 20-mile run to get through on Saturday didn’t stop me from going out on Saturday and enjoying a couple of delicious homemade Moscow Mules (if my cocktails don’t involve Ginger Beer, I want no part in them) while sporting a bright pink troll wig.

Workout troll and Hawaiian troll 🙂

After I ran for 3 hours and 8 minutes, boyfriend and I headed to my parents house for dinner in the ‘burbs. My younger brother was home from LA and my Uncle was in town from Georgia and my mom whipped up a feast.

Including these unreal homemade Pork Wellingtons – filled with pork tenderloin, goat cheese and prosciutto, and with a homemade mushroom, shallot, white wine and chicken broth sauce.

Boyfriend and I took the extra one home, so I’m seeing some delicious leftovers in our future. That or we ro-sham-bo for it.

And in today’s breaking celebrity news…. Kim and Kris Kardashian (like he had his own identity once he jumped on that train) are getting divorced. After 72 days of marriage. I’ve been marathon training longer than they were married.

And here I thought this was true love.

On the upside for Kim (and the downside for the rest of us), she’s made damn sure she’ll be on the cover of no less than 10 magazine covers over the next month or so. “What Went Wrong: The Kardashian Divorce”.

The real victims? You and I my friends, you and I.

After a very long last day of the quarter, Pilates, and errand running, it’s time to watch one more episode of House Hunters (I never, ever choose the right one) before bed.

Have a great night!


4 thoughts on “Is It Saturday Yet?

  1. Oh my gosh, your troll costumes are so cute!! What a great idea! And wow, very impressed with your mom because those wellingtons sound amazing!!

    I was actually really surprised about the whole Kim-Kris K split! I thought they really were in love! And here I haven’t even had chance to watch their wedding special and they are already getting divorced… something is wrong with this picture!

  2. Ugh! I totally feel like a victim here-I invested so much time watching the wedding special..four hours (plus) of my life that I’ll never get back. Sigh. Sad to say I’ll probably still watch the Kourtney and Kim Take NY-I’ll never learn.

    Cute costume!

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