5 Things


In honor of Friday, the end of our quarter at work, and my frazzled brain…

5 ruminations:

1. Today at Starbucks (I ran out of K-Cups for my Keurig and sheer lazy and forgetfulness have prevented me from acquiring more) for my latte there was a family with 4 little kids waiting for their hot chocolates.

With British accents.

I don’t know if it’s because I studied abroad in London or because I consider myself the ultimate Harry Potter fan (you’d think it would embarrass me, it doesn’t) but I love all things British.

My street in South Kensington. Perfect, isn't it?

Especially little kids with British accents. Everything they say sounds cooler than anything I will ever say. Even if it’s their Starbucks order.

2. In honor of Halloween coming up (I’m really not a Halloween person. I’m sorry. Give me Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, 4th of July any day), I saw this little gem on People.com

"The White House is going to get egged if she keeps this up." -B.O. on Michelle wanting to give out fruit and raisins on Halloween

Finally, a president who understands the real issues.

(This is a joke, not meant to be political fodder in any way).

3. I find this hilarious. And it reaffirms why I love Sandra Bullock more than any other actress.

Suri’s Burn Book obviously has her take on it as well.

Golden reading material, I tell ya.

4. Last night as I was getting ready for bed, I noticed a mosquito bite on my leg. I know there are those of you that insist “SF doesn’t have mosquitos” but I’ve woken up more times than I prefer to count with bites from a rogue insect infiltrating our apartment. Boyfriend was out-of-town last night so it was just me vs bug.

Game on.

I was reading the newest issue of InStyle (I get really intellectual in the evenings), when I saw the little bastard flying around the room. I leapt into the air, turned on all the lights so I would be primed for the kill… and then I lost him. I searched for a good 15 minutes before giving up, covering my entire body/half my face with blankets.

The good news? I didn’t wake up with any new bite wounds.

The bad news? Unless he some how suffocated or drowned himself (in a perfect world), that little a-hole is still flying around the apartment just waiting for his next meal.


5. We had a team dinner last night and we went to a new place in Union Square called Jasper’s Corner Tap.

Aside from being all around excellent, (the lamb poutine on the thick cut fries, the deviled eggs, the riblets, the mussels, the wagyu beef burger… yes we tried a little of everything) it was the kind of place that the bartenders spend ~5 minutes making your cocktail. Because they use fresh ingredients. And care about presentation. And taste.

And it’s worth every, single second you spend waiting. The bartenders are beyond  knowledgeable, extremely friendly and if you tell them the flavors you like they have no problem creating a beverage for you. The cocktail menu book is outstanding, and I honestly wanted to try every single, one.

Bay Bridge Buck
Hangar One Buddha’s Hand vodka, strawberries, orgeat, lime, ginger beer.

I will definitely be back!


Have a great Friday everyone! 🙂


5 thoughts on “5 Things

  1. Oooh Jasper’s Corner Tap sounds like the place my friend Katie would love… she blogs about happy hours and loves a well constructed cocktail. I’ll have to take her when she’s home…

    Mosquitoes SUCK! heh heh bad joke…. I hope you can introduce him to the back of a shoe or a newspaper 🙂 SMACK.

  2. Oh my gosh- I love British kids!! My favorite was when I was in London and I’d see all the little kids going on a field trip and hopping on the tube in their little knee socks, shorts and blazers… I basically died every time. And omg I can’t believe they gave baby Louis such an expensive painting! Love Sandra’s response! That drink sounds amazing! I absolutely love specialty cocktails! My work does Happy Hours all the time, so I’ll have to suggest that place soon!

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