Social Life vs Marathon

Hope your Thursday went well!

It’s officially fall in SF! (Still not putting on tights or boots until Tuesday. Mark my words) The air is crisp, it’s getting darker earlier and there’s that distinct “cold air smell” in the evenings. (That smell that almost reminds you of mountain air and almost of Holiday air but not quite? Anyone?)

Last night, I dug out the Ugg Slippers from the back of our closet. (Slippers, not boots. No boots until November. Of any kind. I’m taking a stand here people.)

While I much prefer warm summer nights, these slippers are too cozy to say no to.

I was sleeping like a rock when at 5:36am yet another Earthquake happened, shaking the apartment for a good 10 seconds and causing boyfriend and I to bolt up and get ready to run.

I just keep telling myself that all these little ones are alleviating the need for a big one. Come and join my delusional world with me.


It’s fun, I promise.

Between an early morning (thank you mother nature), a beyond busy day at work today, and a team dinner directly after work I, for the first time in quite a while, had zero time to run.

So, Thursday became a rest day, meaning that Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will be running 5 miles, 5 miles and 20 miles respectively. Happy Weekend to me? 😦

(I promise I’m not being all Negative Nancy on this marathon training, I’m just getting really excited to run the actual race, and not have to spend 3 hours every weekend training. Weekend mornings are for sleeping in, and then brunch. And maybe a Pilates class.)

I think the biggest thing I didn’t realize when I started training for this marathon was the time commitment it would be. I’d run 4 half-marathons before and it didn’t take a huge toll on my social life. Well double that and it probably would. And it has – to a degree.

I live a pretty balanced life – 85%/15% I’d say. 85% of the time I eat healthy, I workout, I get enough sleep, I drink more than enough water. Then there’s that 15%…

The 15% has suffered a bit since marathon training. Yes I still go out for drinks, go to functions, parties, weddings and events with boyfriend and our friends… but every now and again if I haven’t done my long run for the weekend there’s the “Ugh, I probably shouldn’t have that extra glass of champagne/wine/vodka soda/Kona Longboard because I have to run 13/15/18/20 miles in the morning. And I should probably go to bed pre-midnight.”

And I hate having to think like that.

Let’s be clear – at home I’d be comatose on the couch by about 10pm (and that’s being generous), this is strictly when speaking about nights out. 🙂

But I will, because as much as I’d like to pretend I was coerced, I typed in my credit card number in the CIM Registration website faster that I would on during a Tory Burch sale.

And I’ve put in 13.5 weeks of hard, hard, hard work, never missing a training run (maybe or maybe not because I’m paranoid that if I do I won’t be able to finish the marathon) with just two 20-milers and a half-marathon to go before I begin tapering.

And in 4.5 weeks, I will be a marathoner.

And not having the extra drink, or having to stay in and go to bed early, or having to skip any type of plans to fit a run in after work will be so, so worth it.

And then my friends, it’s Holiday Party Season.

Bring on the sequined dresses, the high heels, the cocktails, the hors d’oeuvres, the late nights, the time with friends, and the fun.

And there will be no thoughts of having to do anything the next day. Except maybe eat an omelette. And light a Williams Sonoma Winter Forest or Chestnut Spice Candle.

Time to finish watching the Big Bang Theory (I’m embarrassed to admit that this show is not only funny but witty… and I’m 100% becoming a fan) and head to bed!


7 thoughts on “Social Life vs Marathon

  1. Omg I love my Ugg slippers- I have slip-on ones and I’m slightly embarrassed to admit, I wear them all year long- often with shorts and tanks in the summer… they are just way too comfortable! The earthquake woke me up too! I decided that I can take earthquakes during the day but I’m really not a fan when they interrupt my sleep! And you are doing such an awesome job with this marathon training- I can only imagine the type of commitment it’s taking but it will all be worth it soon!

  2. So jealous of your no boots or tights resolution. We’ve already had snow. And a major storm is coming tonight! 10 inches and they’re forecasting widespread power outages 😦

    However, your blog has totally inspired me! Ross and Kathryn run half marathons all the time (they had to bow out of one recently, though, because Kathryn had a broken toe from soccer and could barely walk) and I’m totally planning on doing my first one in the spring. Need your advice on training books/plans!

    • Totally agree! I had 2 cocktails at a preparty on sat, stayed out until 2am but stuck to water. The 20 miles yesterday were so worth passing on drinks the rest of sat night! 🙂

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