I Mean Really?

Happy Wednesday!

Halfway through the week and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

Work has been a little nuts this week, but I’m thankful the month (and quarter) are almost over! October is the end of our quarter (I work in sales) so it’s always a little crazy trying to get last minute deals in.


The so-called 70’s weather I raved about on Monday seem to have completely given way to crisp fall mornings and evenings this week. So far we still have the sun from about 8:30-5, so I haven’t started an all-out war with the weather at this point.

Uh oh, guess who finally figured out what Instagram was? 😉

I’m not quite ready to put on the boots and tights, (give me at least until November for that, I mean really) but I embraced it this morning and threw on a cashmere pashmina.

Which I then proceeded to dump oatmeal (thank you Starbucks) all over as soon as I started inhaling my breakfast like a cavewoman. To the dry-cleaners we go…

I’m a little bit happy that it’s cooling off and only because I have this fun distance of 20 miles to run this weekend and doing it in the 70+ degree heat isn’t even remotely enjoyable or fun. (Actually I’m pretty sure that running 20 miles as a “training run” will never be considered enjoyable or fun to me but I digress.)

Running 20 miles to a burger joint is what I call fun however. 🙂

To get you through your Wednesday, in today’s ridiculous celebrity news, Lindsay Lohan was hit in the head by her own garage door last night. After leaving a hotel party. And being driven home by a driver. Totally sober.

Seriously? You got hit in the head with your own garage door? I would love to be able to listen to the conversation she’s having at the exact moment this photo was snapped.

And in part 2 of ridiculous celebrity news – a certain someone who looks like she’s about to give birth has decided she’s going to keep us all guessing about “is she or isn’t she”.

Unless a magazine pays for $500,000 for the “exclusive”.

Really? Does she really think people are under the impression she’s just “put on a few”? I’m pretty sure no one is going to pay you half a million dollars to state the obvious.

Have a great Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “I Mean Really?

  1. I’m right there with you about holding on off on the tights and boots! My legs were freezing this morning but I’m still pretending it’s summer for a little longer! Love the celeb news- can’t believe that about Lilo, sheesh and haha everyone in my office has been talking about the Jessica picture- it’s so ridiculous that she’s holding out when it’s so very obvious that she’s preggers!

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