What I Love About Mondays…

  • A new blog layout (let’s just state the obvious here). The old margins were driving me insane. I love how clean, and easy to read this one is.
  • The sun already shining pre-8am. (We’ll ignore the fact that it was pitch black at 7am when I woke up)

  • Temper Trap blasting through the speakers on my way to work
  • Finally waking up feeling rested and not exhausted
  • When my co-worker bakes her delicious Caramel Bars and I have one on my desk before 8am (lunch can’t come soon enough!)

  • When my morning smoothie explodes out of it’s stainless steel bottle getting on everything but me
  • When the 5-day forecast looks like this:
  • That I can cross-train to my little heart’s content and not have to even think about running, pacing or distance
  • The two cookie recipes I’m putting into action tonight
  • The Nike Free Run IDs I’ve had customized for the last 6 mos for the marathon, and thanks to winning a spiff at work involving a Visa Gift Card, they are being ordered today.

Hope your week is off to a great start! 🙂


7 thoughts on “What I Love About Mondays…

  1. Congrats on thew new blog layout! I love how clean it looks! And it sounds like your week is off to a nice start! Yay for the gorgeous SF weather! It’s about time!! I’m impressed you could wait until lunch to eat the caramel square though! Mine might have turned into breakfast!

  2. Love the new look, Kristine! The picture of San Francisco is stunning…did you take it?

    Your co-worker’s caramel bars look to-die-for delicious. Like Emily said, I think it may have become breakfast! I admire your self-restraint! 🙂

    Can you put in an order for fantastic weather next week too? I’m flying in Nov. 3rd and I’m praying for a sunny weekend!

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