Week 12 to 26.2

Well my friends, we are now 6 weeks to Marathon.

This little training game has been going on for 12 weeks. I’m a little shocked and frankly a little concerned that I have completed every single workout on the training plan. This has never happened to me. In my 10 week Half-Marathon plan, I decided walking the distances was as effective as running them about 6 weeks of the way through.

So Hal, I think I deserve a A in Marathon Training Progress.

Or at least let me cross the finish line upright… and with happy tears and not sad ones.

Here’s what this “recovery” week looked like. (I use this term loosely because there was a time (a short 365 days ago) when I trained for months to be able to run 13 miles… and Hal treats it like chump change. The nerve.)


Oh cross-training, I love you. (Especially after a particularly hungover 18 miler last Sunday). I was at my parents house for the evening so I hopped on the stationary bike, grabbed the latest People magazine, and caught up completely on what’s going on in the world. (What? You didn’t know People only reports the hard-hitting stories? Consider yourself informed.)


5 miles on the treadmill at a 9:20 pace and then a Pilates reformer class. I won’t sugarcoat anything – the gym was about 100 degrees, I was soaking wet with sweat (a girl who “glistens” I am not) and I was exhausted. Not my best run – I definitely struggled to finish it because of how hot and humid it was inside the gym, but I got the miles in and high-tailed it out of there.


5 miles on the treadmill – the run looked a lot like Tuesday’s run. Only I was able to push through my sheer exhaustion at a much faster pace (8:57) because I had girls night dinner plans with my good friend Lexi and I couldn’t wait to catch up and dig into what Beretta had in store for us.


There are very few things that dinner with a good friend, prosciutto and arugula pizza, red wine, multiple appetizers and dessert cannot motivate me to do.


5 miles on the treadmill (really getting crazy over here with the variety). SF is in full indian summer swing, so rather than risk heat stroke and even more sweat that I’m already dealing with, I stuck to the AC in the gym… and went to the gym that actually turns on the AC. And gives out towels. And is enjoyable to be in.

Gym-that-does-not-that-I-go-to-because-you’re-convenient (and you know who you are)… we’re through.


8 glorious miles on the treadmill at the aforementioned beautiful, towels provided, AC is on, magazines are a plenty gym. I actually stuck with an 8:57 pace the entire time and felt amazing at the end. Maybe it’s because it was Friday, but I felt like I was flying.

Any gym that subscribes to Elle, Vogue, and Runners World is alright by me.


13 miles. Only this time I had a running buddy! Lexi and I signed up for CIM together, and our schedules finally allowed for us to complete a long run together! After going comatose on the couch at 10:45pm the night before, I got up at 8 to eat breakfast and overload my bloodstream with caffeine.

Lexi made it to our apartment at 9am and we set off- chatting away the entire time. I don’t even think I looked at my Garmin until about mile 9.5 and realized we were trucking along and making excellent time… even after water breaks and weaving through tourists on death machines (bicycles).

Around mile 11 the sun was starting to really beat down and we were quickly losing steam (we’re a little spoiled running in SF in our foggy, cloudy, perfect 60 degree weather). I had had water on the run, but hadn’t eaten anything since my breakfast, and while I wasn’t starving, I knew a little something wouldn’t hurt. I inhaled one of Lexi’s Clif Shot Blocks (Strawberry – amazing. Definitely going to be a must-purchase) and we forced ourselves to push through.

We finished the 13 miles at 2:06:54 which I will definitely take!

I’m not an ice-bath after my long runs kind of person. I’ve read both good and bad about them, but I prefer kicking off my shoes, and collapsing on the floor in a heap of accomplishment. Next, I chug water, take a long shower, and then eat a delicious breakfast. Then eat… all day long.


REST. DAY. Which was much-appreciated and absolutely necessary after a Happy Hour with homemade mules (Ginger Beer makes all the difference), and a sushi dinner triple-date. After a bottle of wine for the girls, sake shots for all, and Asahis and Sapporos for the guys, we made it to one more bar before heading home.

I love rest days. I am not one of those people that “actively” rests on her rest day. I play up my inner laziness and I do nothing remotely resembling physical activity.

This week’s verdict?

Overall I felt pretty lethargic this week, except for the long run. I skipped Pilates on Thursday so I could sit on the couch and watch hours of On-Demand after my run… the skipping of Pilates cost me a sweet $18, but my sanity and hopefully fending off getting sick was well worth it.

i will use any excuse for a lab puppy picture. any.


The last thing I want to do is overtrain or overdo it in anyway. My weekends usually end up being pretty busy so I want to make sure I’m taking enough time to recover and rest inbetween all of this training… and sometimes, $18 is just a casualty of that.

Next week’s long run is the longest yet… 20 miles! Lexi and I are tackling the run with the promise of cheeseburgers on the otherside… and fries… and beers. After that I have one more 20-miler, a half-marathon and then the taper begins! Hell yes.


6 thoughts on “Week 12 to 26.2

  1. I love that you think 73F in SF is hot too (seriously). While I still have been running outside, I’ve been trying to run in the mornings or later in the evenings… and then I know that people are over in the East Bay thinking that what we are experiencing over here is a cool-spell. 🙂 I was giddy this morning when I woke up to fog — I hope it’s cold and foggy again soon!

    So it’s still kind of not well known at this point, but I just signed up for CIM since I had guarenteed entry. This gives me, oh, about 5 weeks to train. Should be a good time *gulp*. 😐 If you ever wanna to get together to run, please let me know! I mostly run in GGP and would love to meet up!


    • Oh my god I would LOVE to run together! I don’t usually run in the park (honestly bec I get lost too easily) but with a friend I’d be so down! Let’s definitely do a run! With Courtney too!

      I loooove running in the fog!

      Sent from my iPhone

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