A Couple (Celebrity Related) Things…

Happy Thursday! 🙂

Hope your week has been going well.

For some reason all of the training runs and workouts, getting up early (I deem anything before 9am early) for work and working all day have really caught up to me and I’m completely exhausted.

Like pass out on the couch while watching the new Real World exhausted. (The passing out on the couch part isn’t the weird part, that happens about 4 times a week… but during Real World’s juicy drama? Never.)

Needless to say a latte from Peets has happened every day this week. I need that espresso coursing through my veins to function.

While perusing the hard-hitting news yesterday I came across this little gem… and all I could think was really? Again?

Did we honestly think there would be a different outcome?



I know, I know she always seems so darn remorseful for everything she’s done and got away with. (2 DUIs, Cocaine Possession and violating every probation she’s been on, but who’s counting?)

If you’re really in the mood for some fun, she’s been arrested so many times that People.com now has an entire photo gallery with her multiple mug shots. If that doesn’t scream my-life-is-on-the-right-track, I don’t know what does.

Moving right along…

For those of you not familiar with the greatness that is Suri’s Burn Book consider this your lucky day.



Some genius person has taken on the point of view of Suri Cruise in discussing celebrity children and she is absolutely hysterical. To the point that Time Magazine even called her out for being the wittiest human being on the planet. (I may have made that last part up, but her website – or Tumblr (I don’t even know what that is) is amazing.)

And lastly….

President Obama made a comment the other day about how he doesn’t like it when his daughters watch “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and that basically he’d rather they watch other shows.

Naturally the Kardashians heard their name and Obama in the same sentence and (I’m sure without realizing what he actually said and meant) released a statement saying how “flattered” they were that the kids watch their show.

Well this post completely got away from me.

Hope you were entertained! 😉


Have a great Thursday!


6 thoughts on “A Couple (Celebrity Related) Things…

  1. I don’t even need to read celeb gossip, I just need to check your blog! Love it! LiLo is getting boring, we always know the outcome. She needs to surprise us with something, like actually finishing her community service. Unbelievable.

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