SF Vintners Market

Hello hello!

Hope your Monday went well. (And if not, it’s pretty much over anyway and we’re that much closer to the weekend so thank goodness for that!)

It’s the little things. 🙂

So yesterday I had a slightly hungover 18-mile run (I blame the fine patrons at the multiple establishments we frequented on Saturday, and also 5 hours of unlimited wine tastings) but I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it. (I also wouldn’t repeat it- the running 18 miles after 10 hours of imbibing part that is. I would repeat the rest of it without a doubt 🙂 )

That’s because twice a year, San Francisco holds the SF Vintner’s Market!

You basically pay a fixed rate (what was a $75 ticket was only $35 thanks to a Pinchit deal!) get a wine glass upon entering, and then get unlimited tastings from over 150 local wineries from Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Russian River Valley, Mendocino, etc.

It’s pretty much the ideal way to spend a Saturday.

Before heading over to the fest around noon, boyfriend and I had our newly engaged (Congrats Jeff and Erica!) friends over for brunch.

And what’s a weekend brunch without mimosas? Because we definitely had a couple… each.

I got to work in the kitchen whipping up Mini Mushroom, Spinach and Bacon Quiches.

I based it off that Food Network recipe, but didn’t measure much of anything, just eye-balled it. And used regular bacon (6 strips) rather than turkey. And rather than sautéing the mushrooms (1 pack) and shallot in olive oil, well I used a tablespoon of the bacon grease. Yes, I did.

And they turned out ridiculously good.

We toasted bagels on the side and enjoyed some delicious mimosas to fill up before all the wine-tasting we had in store.

It was a fantastic Saturday, and after tasting as many wines as physically possible at the Vintner’s Market, boyfriend and I scored 6 bottles for $52!

Including 4 bottles of our beloved X Winery Red Blend.


This wine is the PERFECT table wine to go with anything, and it’s at an amazing price point.

Overall it was a wonderful weekend and I had a blast. Can’t wait for the springtime tasting!

Only then, I hope I won’t be in the throes of marathon training. 😉


Do you like vino?

Do you ever go to festivals/unlimited tastings?

Favorite wine?


2 thoughts on “SF Vintners Market

  1. So fun to hear about this! I had lots of friends who went but I was out of town this weekend so I couldn’t make it! Def will be going next time though because it sounds amazing… all those tastings… how fun!! And that looks like quite the spread you created in the morning! I’m impressed!

  2. no way. you did 18 miles. you went to an amazing wine event the day before. you did brunch with mimosas!? great way to spend the weekend! (well, minus the hangovery part haha) i’m going to keep my eyes and ears peeled for the spring version!

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