Week 11 to 26.2

Hello Hello!

Hope you’ve had a great weekend.

I’m very, very happy to say that the highest mileage week of my training (44 miles!) is officially over and I somehow managed to complete each and every run on the schedule for the week.

Even after my day o’ wine tasting, engagement celebrating, and birthday partying until 2am yesterday.

I was clearly rebelling against Hal Higdon and showing him that my social life has dominance to his plan. Then he made me pay, in a big way today.

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Monday – Cross train + Pilates Reformer class

Pretty standard Monday – I did my cross-training for the week on the Elliptical (resistance 9, incline 20) for about 45 minutes before heading to a Pilates class.

Tuesday- 5 Mile Run + Pilates Reformer class

I did this 5-miler on the treadmill at an 8:57/pace while reading on my Kindle. It’s been extremely hot out the last couple of weeks (not complaining!) but we all know how I fare in extreme heat while running. I decided not to take any chances and just deal with the treadmill before my Pilates class.

Wednesday – 8 Mile Run

Again, it was hot, and again I did this run on the treadmill. I’ve been finding that running my shorter runs on the treadmill at a faster pace than I run outside, is easier on my legs, and I don’t get bored running outside everyday. The worst thing that can happen to my training at this point in the game is to dread the routes I run, so I’m trying to avoid that (and it seems to be working!)

The course I’m running is relatively flat (with rolling hills, but once you’ve run Nike Women’s Half-Marathon, rolling hills don’t hold a candle to Clement Street) so I’ve been trying to run on relatively flat surfaces so that my legs get used to using the same muscles… for 4 + hours.

We’ve come so far together dreadmill…

Thursday – 5 Mile Run

Are you surprised to hear I did this on the treadmill at around a 9:03 pace while reading on my Kindle? 😉

Friday – 8 Mile Pace Run

Big shocker – ran it on the treadmill after work so I didn’t get 3rd degree burns from the 70 degree + weather outside.

Saturday – Rest.

And by Rest I mean wine taste all day, then celebrate our friends engagement with champagne, and then celebrate a friend’s birthday with vodka sodas. Sometimes I surprise myself with my ability to plan ahead.

Sunday- 18 Mile Run

18 MILES. That is how far I ran today. That is also the furthest I have ever run in one sitting in my entire life.

And how did I prepare for said run?


  • I had mimosas with breakfast yesterday
  • I wine-tasted for 5 hours at the SF Vintners Market
  • I toasted the engagement of our very good friends
  • I celebrated the birthday of another good friend
  • I crawled into bed at 2am
  • I woke up at noon
  • Ate a bagel with Peanut Butter, Banana slices, honey and cinnamon
  • Napped from 2-3
  • Finally got my booty in motion around 3:30 and set out for 18 miles
  • Was miserable for miles 1-5 – my legs felt heavy, I was sweating out Pinot Noir and Champagne, I was starving, and extremely dehydrated.
  • 3 Hours, 4 water bottle refills and one pack of Watermelon Gu Chomps later I DID IT (and definitely took the “long, slow run” to heart and didn’t care.)
It wasn’t an easy run (like last weekend’s glorious 17-miler), but it was one of those runs that make you realize running truly is 80% mental. I had to push myself pretty hard to not walk, but I’m so glad I listened to the tough-love talk I was dishing out.
Finishing felt amazing.
Then I went to Safeway to pick things up for tonight’s dinner, and ran into these two… and almost dognapped them on the spot. Boyfriend fully supported this idea after seeing the text messaged picture of our future pups.
Week 12 is a recovery week and I couldn’t be more excited… 13 miles for a long run after running 18 and 17 the past 2 weeks?
(Yes I did just refer to running 13 miles as a cakewalk. FOR SHAME. Who am I?)
How was your weekend?
What’s your take on hungover running?
Do you have a dog? If not, do you want one as badly as I do? 

7 thoughts on “Week 11 to 26.2

  1. WOW. That’s all I can say. You have amazing mental toughness to be able to complete 18 miles feeling waaay sub par. I’m not a big fan of hungover working out in general because I can’t stand to jostle my head when it hurts, but I definitely feel like it’s one of those things that you’re glad you did once it’s over.

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