Beer, Blue Angels and… 17 Miles

I set an alarm to go for a run. I have actually (surprise?) never done this as my sleep is about the most important thing in the world to me as far as “inaminate objects” go.

But since it’s a SF Holiday (Fleet Week), this run had to be run… early. Fleet Week is by far one of the very best weekends in SF. The Blue Angels come into town and practice Thursday and Friday afternoons before the big airshows Saturday and Sunday. Picture people frantically running around the office trying to get to the window because we can hear them, but not see them… it’s so exciting.

Saturday is by far my favorite part of Fleet Week – rooftop parties! The perfect day to get together with friends, drink adult beverages, and watch the planes fly all afternoon. We have friends in from out of town this Fleet Weekend, and I’m so excited for them to see the air show so that they can see what I’ve been talking up for weeks. (And the answer is yes, boyfriend and I watched Top Gun yesterday… and you should too.)

So this morning I woke up at 7 to eat this –


Drink this –


Run This –

And looking forward to doing this all afternoon –



And watch this:


Happy Fleet Week San Francisco! 🙂


What are you up to this weekend?


6 thoughts on “Beer, Blue Angels and… 17 Miles

  1. You are amazing! Well done on your run. I run in Nike Free’s as well! As I write, my fiance is just 32 minutes out from the start of the Portland Marathon… maybe I’ll join him in running it next year?! We’ll see :o) Hope the rest of your long weekend is great!

    • Thank you! How much do you LOVE your Nike Frees? I don’t think I’ll ever run in anything else! Congrats to your fiance! You should definitely run it with him next year!

  2. Sounds like a pretty fantastic day! Congrats on completing 17 miles! How does it feel running nearly three hours? Are you typically wiped out the rest of the day, or do you feel like your training plan has adequately prepped you? I’m curious because I’m seriously contemplating signing up for one next year! 🙂

    Hope you had fun celebrating fleet week! ❤

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