Week 9 to 26.2

9 weeks down, 9 to go!

I honestly can’t believe I’ve made it this far. While it’s been extremely time-consuming (and quite the weekend commitment!) I haven’t missed a single run or workout. It hasn’t been unbearable and to be honest, its pretty cool to see yourself adapt to running longer mileage, and feeling everything get stronger. I guess when you set your mind to something (and in my case actually see it through!) you really can do anything.

Now that we’ve gotten through the sentimental (I understand if you’re rolling your eyes) part of this post, let’s get on with the Week 9 training recap!

Week 9 was a “step-back” or recovery week. After logging 37 miles in Week 8, last week’s mileage jumped down to 22. (Or in my case 24 because I apparently can’t read didn’t notice Wednesday was a 5-miler and not a 7.)

Monday – Cross Training – Rode the upright stationary bike at the gym (Hill Program, Level 10) for 45 minutes and obviously caught up on my celebrity gossip. (Jessica Simpson is pregnant? Nicole Richie’s “enhancements”? I now know all.) For the record, since Nick Lachey got married first, you knew Jessica was going to be the one to have a baby first. Girl has to win at something.


I love reading about Kate Middleton, but reading about her “dramatic” weight loss I do not love. I would imagine she leads a fairly busy life and possibly has more stress than the average person. Just venturing a guess. Let’s focus on the hard-hitting journalism, like the fact that Kim Kardashian did some light shopping over the weekend.

Tuesday – Pilates Reformer Class + 4 Mile Naked Run

Wednesday – Kristine Didn’t Read Her Training Plan and Ran 7 Miles in 85 Degree Heat Instead Of 5 And Almost Collapsed. The one negative about warm weather? 65 … With 1 Exception” href=”http://runningonhungry.com/2011/09/28/85-65-with-1-exception/”>Running in it.



Thursday – 4-Mile Treadmill Run (I wasn’t taking any weather related chances) + Pilates Reformer Class

Friday- 13.1 Mile long run, or my “half-marathon”. I have an actual half on the schedule in early November and ran one in late August so I did a long, slow 13.1 mile run.



Saturday/Sunday – Rest! And by rest, I mean dance for 4 hours each night like a crazy person, carbo load with wedding cake and hydrate with every type of beverage known to man. Weddings, I love you. (I am still convinced it was fate that the ONE WEEK I have 2 rest days on my training plan is the weekend I have 2 weddings to attend.)



You say tomato, I say tequila…

This week’s mileage jumps wayyy up… bring it on Hal, bring it on.


7 thoughts on “Week 9 to 26.2

  1. Girl, you are rocking your training plan! You should feel so proud! And oh man, I am sooo behind with celeb gossip- thanks for filling me in! I’m right there with you about Kate Middleton- I feel like if she gains a pound, she’ll be featured just as much as if she’s too thin.. the girl can’t win! And ohh teen mom news? I’ve got to pick up that issue!

  2. Way to go with the mileage! For the past however many years, I have been secretly hoping that Nick and Jessica would get back together. I guess now that he’s married and she’s knocked up…that isn’t happening. Then again, you never know! 😉

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