The Tuesday That Felt Like a Monday

Hello hello!

Hope your day went well!

SF started off rainy/gloomy/cloudy, then the sun came out around 10:30am, and now we’re back to cloudy/gloomy/rainy.

Luckily it’s supposed to clear up by Thursday… the Blue Angels have some serious flying to do for Fleet Week this weekend!

By far one of the best weekends of the year in SF.

After our whirlwind double wedding weekend (If you’re at all interested in checking out the beautiful, beautiful weddings of our very good friends that we attended you can do so here and here) to say I’m exhausted is an understatement.

Friday = run 13.1 miles, work all day, errands, pre-wedding BBQ + bars = out until 3am

Saturday = sleep until 11, wedding at 4, out until 1am

Sunday = sleep until 11, leave for wedding at 1, wedding at 3, out until 1am

Monday = Smoothie King (the best smoothie place in the entire world) for breakfast, Plant Veggie Burger for lunch for me, sashimi for boyfriend, breakfast for dinner, do not leave couch all day long (60 minutes on the elliptical for cross-training for moi (weights for boyfriend) and Trader Joe’s for groceries as the only exception)

After drinking my body weight in champagne, prosecco, wine, beer, and liquor this weekend, I’m sure I smelled like a mixture of a brewery/distillary/vineyard as I sweated out 75% of my water supply on the elliptical last night.

I digress. It was so, so worth it. 🙂

I woke up this morning ready feeling completely not-rested, but ready for some nutrients.

Obviously a smoothie was in the works for breakfast.

1.5 c Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (I’ve been using this in lieu of regular milk because I think it tastes delicious in smoothies, really no other reason)

1 Scoop Chocolate Sun Warrior Protein Powder

Frozen Blueberries

Handful of Spinach

Packet of Starbucks Via Italian Roast

It was exactly what I needed to start the day after a weekend of indulging!

Post work, I sucker-punched my to-do list:

  • completed 4 miles on the treadmill (it was raining and I had a new Us Weekly to read… my priorities are in check)
  • went to a Pilates Reformer class and got my booty kicked (literally)
  • 4th load of laundry is currently in our extremely overpriced washing machine (goodbye $20 in quarters) 😦
I’m watching Glee and I’m a bit underwhelmed. Mr. Schuster singing makes me cringe and just feel generally uncomfortable. Can we all agree that he doesn’t get to sing with the high school kids anymore? It’s just creepy.
Britney however, was fantastic, as usual.

Time for New Girl! It just got picked up for the full season and I could not be more excited. This show is GOLDEN. 9pm Fox.

I promise you will not be disappointed. (If you are, I take zero responsibility.)

Have a great night!


3 thoughts on “The Tuesday That Felt Like a Monday

  1. I have some serious catching up to do on your life! It sounds like you had a crazy, ever-so-fun whirlwind weekend. I’m sure your energy levels will be back to normal in no time…Especially if you keep chugging those smoothies. 🙂 (Why have I never thought to add a Via to mine? SO trying that!)

    Happy hump day to you! xoxo

  2. I’m so over this weather! Where did our Indian Summer go?? I’m really excited about this weekend though so I hope it clears up! It looks like you were able to get back in the swing of things and I’m glad you had Monday to do so! I’ve never been to or heard of Smoothie king though? Please tell me more 🙂 I really like the New Girl too! Zooey cracks me up!

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