Is It Saturday Yet?

Happy Monday/Halloween!

The first thought I had when the alarm went off at 6:50 this morning was “How is it pitch black out at 7am and it’s not even November?” Don’t they realize that when it’s dark out it makes me that much more likely to hit snooze 18 times?

Thank goodness we “fall back” this weekend. An extra hour of sleep has never been so necessary.

This weekend was a whirlwind to say the least. I’m definitely looking forward to a lower key upcoming weekend! (Yes already thinking about it, one-track mind over here.)

Having a 20-mile run to get through on Saturday didn’t stop me from going out on Saturday and enjoying a couple of delicious homemade Moscow Mules (if my cocktails don’t involve Ginger Beer, I want no part in them) while sporting a bright pink troll wig.

Workout troll and Hawaiian troll 🙂

After I ran for 3 hours and 8 minutes, boyfriend and I headed to my parents house for dinner in the ‘burbs. My younger brother was home from LA and my Uncle was in town from Georgia and my mom whipped up a feast.

Including these unreal homemade Pork Wellingtons – filled with pork tenderloin, goat cheese and prosciutto, and with a homemade mushroom, shallot, white wine and chicken broth sauce.

Boyfriend and I took the extra one home, so I’m seeing some delicious leftovers in our future. That or we ro-sham-bo for it.

And in today’s breaking celebrity news…. Kim and Kris Kardashian (like he had his own identity once he jumped on that train) are getting divorced. After 72 days of marriage. I’ve been marathon training longer than they were married.

And here I thought this was true love.

On the upside for Kim (and the downside for the rest of us), she’s made damn sure she’ll be on the cover of no less than 10 magazine covers over the next month or so. “What Went Wrong: The Kardashian Divorce”.

The real victims? You and I my friends, you and I.

After a very long last day of the quarter, Pilates, and errand running, it’s time to watch one more episode of House Hunters (I never, ever choose the right one) before bed.

Have a great night!


5 Things


In honor of Friday, the end of our quarter at work, and my frazzled brain…

5 ruminations:

1. Today at Starbucks (I ran out of K-Cups for my Keurig and sheer lazy and forgetfulness have prevented me from acquiring more) for my latte there was a family with 4 little kids waiting for their hot chocolates.

With British accents.

I don’t know if it’s because I studied abroad in London or because I consider myself the ultimate Harry Potter fan (you’d think it would embarrass me, it doesn’t) but I love all things British.

My street in South Kensington. Perfect, isn't it?

Especially little kids with British accents. Everything they say sounds cooler than anything I will ever say. Even if it’s their Starbucks order.

2. In honor of Halloween coming up (I’m really not a Halloween person. I’m sorry. Give me Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, 4th of July any day), I saw this little gem on

"The White House is going to get egged if she keeps this up." -B.O. on Michelle wanting to give out fruit and raisins on Halloween

Finally, a president who understands the real issues.

(This is a joke, not meant to be political fodder in any way).

3. I find this hilarious. And it reaffirms why I love Sandra Bullock more than any other actress.

Suri’s Burn Book obviously has her take on it as well.

Golden reading material, I tell ya.

4. Last night as I was getting ready for bed, I noticed a mosquito bite on my leg. I know there are those of you that insist “SF doesn’t have mosquitos” but I’ve woken up more times than I prefer to count with bites from a rogue insect infiltrating our apartment. Boyfriend was out-of-town last night so it was just me vs bug.

Game on.

I was reading the newest issue of InStyle (I get really intellectual in the evenings), when I saw the little bastard flying around the room. I leapt into the air, turned on all the lights so I would be primed for the kill… and then I lost him. I searched for a good 15 minutes before giving up, covering my entire body/half my face with blankets.

The good news? I didn’t wake up with any new bite wounds.

The bad news? Unless he some how suffocated or drowned himself (in a perfect world), that little a-hole is still flying around the apartment just waiting for his next meal.


5. We had a team dinner last night and we went to a new place in Union Square called Jasper’s Corner Tap.

Aside from being all around excellent, (the lamb poutine on the thick cut fries, the deviled eggs, the riblets, the mussels, the wagyu beef burger… yes we tried a little of everything) it was the kind of place that the bartenders spend ~5 minutes making your cocktail. Because they use fresh ingredients. And care about presentation. And taste.

And it’s worth every, single second you spend waiting. The bartenders are beyond  knowledgeable, extremely friendly and if you tell them the flavors you like they have no problem creating a beverage for you. The cocktail menu book is outstanding, and I honestly wanted to try every single, one.

Bay Bridge Buck
Hangar One Buddha’s Hand vodka, strawberries, orgeat, lime, ginger beer.

I will definitely be back!


Have a great Friday everyone! 🙂

Social Life vs Marathon

Hope your Thursday went well!

It’s officially fall in SF! (Still not putting on tights or boots until Tuesday. Mark my words) The air is crisp, it’s getting darker earlier and there’s that distinct “cold air smell” in the evenings. (That smell that almost reminds you of mountain air and almost of Holiday air but not quite? Anyone?)

Last night, I dug out the Ugg Slippers from the back of our closet. (Slippers, not boots. No boots until November. Of any kind. I’m taking a stand here people.)

While I much prefer warm summer nights, these slippers are too cozy to say no to.

I was sleeping like a rock when at 5:36am yet another Earthquake happened, shaking the apartment for a good 10 seconds and causing boyfriend and I to bolt up and get ready to run.

I just keep telling myself that all these little ones are alleviating the need for a big one. Come and join my delusional world with me.


It’s fun, I promise.

Between an early morning (thank you mother nature), a beyond busy day at work today, and a team dinner directly after work I, for the first time in quite a while, had zero time to run.

So, Thursday became a rest day, meaning that Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will be running 5 miles, 5 miles and 20 miles respectively. Happy Weekend to me? 😦

(I promise I’m not being all Negative Nancy on this marathon training, I’m just getting really excited to run the actual race, and not have to spend 3 hours every weekend training. Weekend mornings are for sleeping in, and then brunch. And maybe a Pilates class.)

I think the biggest thing I didn’t realize when I started training for this marathon was the time commitment it would be. I’d run 4 half-marathons before and it didn’t take a huge toll on my social life. Well double that and it probably would. And it has – to a degree.

I live a pretty balanced life – 85%/15% I’d say. 85% of the time I eat healthy, I workout, I get enough sleep, I drink more than enough water. Then there’s that 15%…

The 15% has suffered a bit since marathon training. Yes I still go out for drinks, go to functions, parties, weddings and events with boyfriend and our friends… but every now and again if I haven’t done my long run for the weekend there’s the “Ugh, I probably shouldn’t have that extra glass of champagne/wine/vodka soda/Kona Longboard because I have to run 13/15/18/20 miles in the morning. And I should probably go to bed pre-midnight.”

And I hate having to think like that.

Let’s be clear – at home I’d be comatose on the couch by about 10pm (and that’s being generous), this is strictly when speaking about nights out. 🙂

But I will, because as much as I’d like to pretend I was coerced, I typed in my credit card number in the CIM Registration website faster that I would on during a Tory Burch sale.

And I’ve put in 13.5 weeks of hard, hard, hard work, never missing a training run (maybe or maybe not because I’m paranoid that if I do I won’t be able to finish the marathon) with just two 20-milers and a half-marathon to go before I begin tapering.

And in 4.5 weeks, I will be a marathoner.

And not having the extra drink, or having to stay in and go to bed early, or having to skip any type of plans to fit a run in after work will be so, so worth it.

And then my friends, it’s Holiday Party Season.

Bring on the sequined dresses, the high heels, the cocktails, the hors d’oeuvres, the late nights, the time with friends, and the fun.

And there will be no thoughts of having to do anything the next day. Except maybe eat an omelette. And light a Williams Sonoma Winter Forest or Chestnut Spice Candle.

Time to finish watching the Big Bang Theory (I’m embarrassed to admit that this show is not only funny but witty… and I’m 100% becoming a fan) and head to bed!

I Mean Really?

Happy Wednesday!

Halfway through the week and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

Work has been a little nuts this week, but I’m thankful the month (and quarter) are almost over! October is the end of our quarter (I work in sales) so it’s always a little crazy trying to get last minute deals in.


The so-called 70’s weather I raved about on Monday seem to have completely given way to crisp fall mornings and evenings this week. So far we still have the sun from about 8:30-5, so I haven’t started an all-out war with the weather at this point.

Uh oh, guess who finally figured out what Instagram was? 😉

I’m not quite ready to put on the boots and tights, (give me at least until November for that, I mean really) but I embraced it this morning and threw on a cashmere pashmina.

Which I then proceeded to dump oatmeal (thank you Starbucks) all over as soon as I started inhaling my breakfast like a cavewoman. To the dry-cleaners we go…

I’m a little bit happy that it’s cooling off and only because I have this fun distance of 20 miles to run this weekend and doing it in the 70+ degree heat isn’t even remotely enjoyable or fun. (Actually I’m pretty sure that running 20 miles as a “training run” will never be considered enjoyable or fun to me but I digress.)

Running 20 miles to a burger joint is what I call fun however. 🙂

To get you through your Wednesday, in today’s ridiculous celebrity news, Lindsay Lohan was hit in the head by her own garage door last night. After leaving a hotel party. And being driven home by a driver. Totally sober.

Seriously? You got hit in the head with your own garage door? I would love to be able to listen to the conversation she’s having at the exact moment this photo was snapped.

And in part 2 of ridiculous celebrity news – a certain someone who looks like she’s about to give birth has decided she’s going to keep us all guessing about “is she or isn’t she”.

Unless a magazine pays for $500,000 for the “exclusive”.

Really? Does she really think people are under the impression she’s just “put on a few”? I’m pretty sure no one is going to pay you half a million dollars to state the obvious.

Have a great Wednesday!

What I Love About Mondays…

  • A new blog layout (let’s just state the obvious here). The old margins were driving me insane. I love how clean, and easy to read this one is.
  • The sun already shining pre-8am. (We’ll ignore the fact that it was pitch black at 7am when I woke up)

  • Temper Trap blasting through the speakers on my way to work
  • Finally waking up feeling rested and not exhausted
  • When my co-worker bakes her delicious Caramel Bars and I have one on my desk before 8am (lunch can’t come soon enough!)

  • When my morning smoothie explodes out of it’s stainless steel bottle getting on everything but me
  • When the 5-day forecast looks like this:
  • That I can cross-train to my little heart’s content and not have to even think about running, pacing or distance
  • The two cookie recipes I’m putting into action tonight
  • The Nike Free Run IDs I’ve had customized for the last 6 mos for the marathon, and thanks to winning a spiff at work involving a Visa Gift Card, they are being ordered today.

Hope your week is off to a great start! 🙂


This is what late October looks like in SF:

80 degrees.

Beach days.

Dogs everywhere.

And your occasional horse-back rider?

Why not? It is SF afterall.

After a dreary, foggy and cold summer, I am fully enjoying our version of “fall”… or how the rest of the country says summer 🙂

Week 12 to 26.2

Well my friends, we are now 6 weeks to Marathon.

This little training game has been going on for 12 weeks. I’m a little shocked and frankly a little concerned that I have completed every single workout on the training plan. This has never happened to me. In my 10 week Half-Marathon plan, I decided walking the distances was as effective as running them about 6 weeks of the way through.

So Hal, I think I deserve a A in Marathon Training Progress.

Or at least let me cross the finish line upright… and with happy tears and not sad ones.

Here’s what this “recovery” week looked like. (I use this term loosely because there was a time (a short 365 days ago) when I trained for months to be able to run 13 miles… and Hal treats it like chump change. The nerve.)


Oh cross-training, I love you. (Especially after a particularly hungover 18 miler last Sunday). I was at my parents house for the evening so I hopped on the stationary bike, grabbed the latest People magazine, and caught up completely on what’s going on in the world. (What? You didn’t know People only reports the hard-hitting stories? Consider yourself informed.)


5 miles on the treadmill at a 9:20 pace and then a Pilates reformer class. I won’t sugarcoat anything – the gym was about 100 degrees, I was soaking wet with sweat (a girl who “glistens” I am not) and I was exhausted. Not my best run – I definitely struggled to finish it because of how hot and humid it was inside the gym, but I got the miles in and high-tailed it out of there.


5 miles on the treadmill – the run looked a lot like Tuesday’s run. Only I was able to push through my sheer exhaustion at a much faster pace (8:57) because I had girls night dinner plans with my good friend Lexi and I couldn’t wait to catch up and dig into what Beretta had in store for us.


There are very few things that dinner with a good friend, prosciutto and arugula pizza, red wine, multiple appetizers and dessert cannot motivate me to do.


5 miles on the treadmill (really getting crazy over here with the variety). SF is in full indian summer swing, so rather than risk heat stroke and even more sweat that I’m already dealing with, I stuck to the AC in the gym… and went to the gym that actually turns on the AC. And gives out towels. And is enjoyable to be in.

Gym-that-does-not-that-I-go-to-because-you’re-convenient (and you know who you are)… we’re through.


8 glorious miles on the treadmill at the aforementioned beautiful, towels provided, AC is on, magazines are a plenty gym. I actually stuck with an 8:57 pace the entire time and felt amazing at the end. Maybe it’s because it was Friday, but I felt like I was flying.

Any gym that subscribes to Elle, Vogue, and Runners World is alright by me.


13 miles. Only this time I had a running buddy! Lexi and I signed up for CIM together, and our schedules finally allowed for us to complete a long run together! After going comatose on the couch at 10:45pm the night before, I got up at 8 to eat breakfast and overload my bloodstream with caffeine.

Lexi made it to our apartment at 9am and we set off- chatting away the entire time. I don’t even think I looked at my Garmin until about mile 9.5 and realized we were trucking along and making excellent time… even after water breaks and weaving through tourists on death machines (bicycles).

Around mile 11 the sun was starting to really beat down and we were quickly losing steam (we’re a little spoiled running in SF in our foggy, cloudy, perfect 60 degree weather). I had had water on the run, but hadn’t eaten anything since my breakfast, and while I wasn’t starving, I knew a little something wouldn’t hurt. I inhaled one of Lexi’s Clif Shot Blocks (Strawberry – amazing. Definitely going to be a must-purchase) and we forced ourselves to push through.

We finished the 13 miles at 2:06:54 which I will definitely take!

I’m not an ice-bath after my long runs kind of person. I’ve read both good and bad about them, but I prefer kicking off my shoes, and collapsing on the floor in a heap of accomplishment. Next, I chug water, take a long shower, and then eat a delicious breakfast. Then eat… all day long.


REST. DAY. Which was much-appreciated and absolutely necessary after a Happy Hour with homemade mules (Ginger Beer makes all the difference), and a sushi dinner triple-date. After a bottle of wine for the girls, sake shots for all, and Asahis and Sapporos for the guys, we made it to one more bar before heading home.

I love rest days. I am not one of those people that “actively” rests on her rest day. I play up my inner laziness and I do nothing remotely resembling physical activity.

This week’s verdict?

Overall I felt pretty lethargic this week, except for the long run. I skipped Pilates on Thursday so I could sit on the couch and watch hours of On-Demand after my run… the skipping of Pilates cost me a sweet $18, but my sanity and hopefully fending off getting sick was well worth it.

i will use any excuse for a lab puppy picture. any.


The last thing I want to do is overtrain or overdo it in anyway. My weekends usually end up being pretty busy so I want to make sure I’m taking enough time to recover and rest inbetween all of this training… and sometimes, $18 is just a casualty of that.

Next week’s long run is the longest yet… 20 miles! Lexi and I are tackling the run with the promise of cheeseburgers on the otherside… and fries… and beers. After that I have one more 20-miler, a half-marathon and then the taper begins! Hell yes.