85 > 65 … With 1 Exception

There’s a very good chance I had heatstroke this afternoon.

That, or the New Orleans Iced Coffee (the best coffee I have ever tasted – recipe is here) from Blue Bottle and the Hazlenut Macaron from Miette (the best macaron this side of La Duree) I had at 3:00pm aren’t the best pre-running fuel.

I digress.

I realize I often complain (relentlessly) about SF’s summer weather which is good for absolutely nothing…. but running.

(I will continue to complain about that in the summers to come because 65 degrees does not equal summer.)

85 degrees is good for absolutely everything… but running.

I knew it was a bad idea when I got on the bus, and all the windows were open (including the emergency exit in the ceiling) and it was sweltering.

I had a bad feeling when I put on a tank-top, shorts, and a hat and walked outside and was hit with a hot breeze.


I had 7 miles on the training plan for today, and after getting up at 6am, it was pretty much the last thing that sounded appealing to me. Basking in the sunshine and enjoying this glorious heat while not moving sounded extremely appealing.

But no one’s forcing me to train for a marathon so off I went! I once again left my music and Garmin at home (I am loving this new world of running!) and set out on my favorite 5-mile loop, and then did half of my 4-mile loop to come in at just over 7 miles.

I have no idea my pace or overall time and I was more than OK with it. I did the 7 miles completely by feel, and cleared my head entirely (thoughts of heat exhaustion and a rumbling stomach and how delicious my 2 bowls of Peanut Butter Puffins were going to taste afterwards aside).

I felt kind of crappy when I got home – a little out of it, and not like myself… but after drinking about 2 liters of water (and inhaling cereal), it was decided I was most definitely deydrated and severely ill-informed about how to run/prepare for runs when the temperature is above 65 degrees.

How I felt.

Time to go relax and watch some Man vs Food Nation (does anyone else think he realized just how unhealthy he was and that’s why he has someone else actually do the eating part?) and the new Real World!. (While it’s no Challenge I still cannot get enough of this show.) Day 1… everyone loves each other. Day 4 everyone hates each other. 😉

Hope you have a lovely night!


8 thoughts on “85 > 65 … With 1 Exception

  1. The weather totally affects my mood when it comes to exercise and when you conquer those days “ugh, could the weather BE any more horrible to work out in?!”
    When you go outside and show the weather who is the boss, you win! 🙂 The puffins after are my favorite part!

  2. san francisco weather can be so brutal so complain away!!! that macaroon looks amazing! the bakery i worked at in cleveland made the best macaroons..it was sort of a problem..thank god im out of there!!

  3. ❤ Blue Bottle….im a coffee addict and that new Orleans iced coffee is by far the best thing on earth! I live in sac and the weather is finally cooling down so i can run any time of day, instead of waking up at 6 am just for running!

  4. Oh man, heat exhaustion/stroke is awful 😦 I had a latte before going out running the other night and I ended up walking for the first 1.5 miles because I felt so weird, so perhaps coffee really isn’t such a great idea before running! Hope you’re feeling better!

  5. Oh man, I seriously need to get on this blue bottle and miette thing! Trip to the ferry building will happen pronto! Very impressed that you still did your run! Unfortunately, I missed the weather yesterday bcuz I got in the office very early and left very late… boo. Did you hear next week that it’s supposed to rain? Sad, pls summer, don’t leave us!

  6. Running in the heat is no joke. I did that once and thought I was going to pass out. It took forever to rehydrated.

    I love Man vs Food Nation. His doctor probably told him to stop what he was doing or he was going to die from all that crap he was eating. I don’t think you can get worker’s comp if you have a heart attack when you’re job is to eat greasy food.

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