6am Should Be Illegal

This morning, I got up at 6am.




That would be <7 hours of sleep last night. And I mention that because  I have the sleep needs of a 5-year old and need at least 8 hours/night. (An afternoon nap would make me even happier.)

Getting up when it’s still dark out  (running I will make an exception for) should be illegal.

I work East Coast accounts at work, had an early call this morning, and knowing the state of SF’s bus system (seriously Muni, it’s time to pull it together), I allowed extra time to get to work, grab a coffee and prepare for my call.

Fun Fact – pre-7am the bus runs every 25 minutes instead of every 5 minutes. I walked up to the corner and what do you know, missed the bus by about 2.7 seconds as it drove, empty, by me.

After silently thinking about 11 curse words and then thinking for a moment how much I despise the bus system, I hailed a cab and was driven to work in the worst smelling vehicle (it was like B.O. and onions in there) of all time.

And had to pay $12 for it.

Happy Wednesday to me! 😉

Since I left for work in the dark and wanted to avoid turning on the jet motor (aka our blender) to make a smoothie  and wake boyfriend up at the same ungodly hour that I was up at (misery doesn’t love company at 6am, even misery wants him to be able to sleep in later), I decided it was a Starbucks kind of morning.



It’s amazing how a Skinny Vanilla Latte and Oatmeal can turn a morning around.

Busy day at work today… time to get to it! Hope you have a lovely Wednesday! (Half-way there!)


7 thoughts on “6am Should Be Illegal

  1. I am so with you. I had to be at my office by 6:45 every day for two weeks and muni just KILLED me!

    And I’ve been having so much trouble waking up these days. I am just really exhausted/stressed from work and my alarm goes off at 6am every morning and I just can’t get out there. The one time this week I did wake up in time i was pitch black and I’m not cool with GGP in the pitch dark. Do you ever run in the mornings? maybe I could come meet you sometime so I’ll actually get out of bed., 🙂

  2. I love that it says, “too early of a call.” 6am is early! Its the earliest I can wake up and still feel somewhat normal. People that wake up before 6am are crazies in my book 😉

  3. 6am is definitely illegal in my house! Unless someone is bringing me breakfast in bed. Then I’ll make an exception and offer a good morning grunt. (that grunt will turn to a smile after the coffee in pumping through my body!) 🙂

    Vanilla lattes + oatmeal make a fab breakfast. There’s something about the combination of milk and oats that tides me over for HOURS.

    Happy Wednesday! xoxo

  4. I wake up at 5:25 every morning and run in the room right next to the husband…. BUT I use the blender two rooms away at 6:30 and THAT wakes him up….. He also says it sounds like a jet is getting ready to take off from the kitchen. Sorry husband, I like a lot of ice 🙂

  5. I am so with you on the sleep thing! Anything less than 8 hours and I am an absolute crank all day! Also sorry that your cab was that awful, I got in a similar smelling one the other day… do they not realise?! :/ Anyhoo glad your latte and oats sorted you out and turned your day around! 🙂

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