The Naked Run

Tonight, I ran the 4-miles on my training plan.

Totally naked.

And let me tell you, it was liberating.

Just me, my thoughts, and the great out (urban) doors.

To clarify… I was wearing clothes. (Yes I live in San Francisco, but every day is not Bay to Breakers. And on that day I prefer to drop $100 on mis-matched brightly colored clothing from American Apparel to wear while traipsing about SF.)


But I did run sans music, tune belt and Garmin.

Running shoes, capris, tank, hat.

And it was probably the most peaceful, relaxing run I’ve ever done.

I’ve always been nervous to run without music. I think I’ll get bored, or that the only reason I can complete my runs is because I have the beat to run to, or something to distract me from the fact that I’m running. I did an out and back and thanks to running with the Garmin so many times I’ve memorized the distance.

Tonight it was absolutely gorgeous (San Francisco indian summer is in full swing!), with a very light breeze, the sun setting over the Golden Gate Bridge, and walkers, runners, and bikers just enjoying a beautiful evening.

I took the time to really take in my surroundings- how beautiful the SF Bay is in the evening, how quiet it gets without the gale force winds swirling around you, and what a beautiful city I’m lucky enough to live in.

For long runs, music keeps me from getting bored, but for short runs, I’m going to run naked more often. It was motivating and inspiring to know that I don’t need music or a fast beat to keep me going. I can run just fine on my own.

I set out for my run after a Pilates Reformer class, and the first mile or so, my legs were heavy. I prefer to do my run after Pilates because my legs are tired and fatigued after an hour of squatting and lunging… and I don’t think I’m that far off in thinking that in the later miles of the marathon my legs will probably feel the exact same way – if not worse.

So why not practice torturing myself? 😉

Boyfriend has a basketball game tonight so after my run I re-heated some leftovers and fired up the newest episode of Glee (with none other than my FAVORITE Idina Menzel back again this season. Yes, yes, yes) to occupy my 8pm hour with.


As if this show couldn’t get any better… they bring back the original Maureen from Rent/Elphaba from Wicked. Well done Glee people, well done.

Dinner tonight?

Whole Wheat Fusilli, Newman’s Own Tomato Basil, Homemade Turkey Meatballs, Parmesan Cheese.

Why mess with a classic?

Time for the new season of Chopped! Geoffrey Zakarian I hope you came prepared with your snarkiest of comments.

Have a great night! 🙂

What’s your favorite fall TV show?

For me it’s Gossip Girl (Dan and Blair YES! And whaaat Ivy/Charlie?), Glee, New Girl (Loooving it) and Modern Family. OK and Greys. And Up All Night.

Do you ever run without any technology?


9 thoughts on “The Naked Run


    I think a real one would be kinda fun – maybe I’ll do one when I’m 76 lol

    totally agree with your fall show lineup… I also started watching NBC’s playboy club and it’s got me hooked already!

    tonight i ran without technology – but with a friend. and oh boy she set the pace FASTTT

    glad you get to enjoy the nice weather in SF! I hope it stays that way this weekend… I’m headed up there for Oktoberfest by the Bay!

  2. I always run without music. I made the switch a while ago and I’ve written about why I do it before. Basically, I enjoy the time to just think, even on longer runs, plus there is the added fact that I get annoyed by my music player and my headphones. I don’t think I could go back to music. We’ll see once I start Full Marathon training.

    Ahh…fall tv. I have waaay too many shows. My favorite new shows are New Girl, Up All Night, Revenge, and PanAm. My favorite returning shows are Parks and Rec, Grey’s, Amazing Race, and Glee.

  3. I actually never run with technology outside, I only ever use my iPod if I’m inside. My main concern is traffic because I’ve definitely had, er, older people drift into the shoulder rather close to me when I’m running, so I like to be able to hear cars so I can stay aware.

    Fave fall TV show would have to be 2.5 Men 🙂

  4. We probably passed each other by the GG/marina last night! I did a few “naked” runs this week too since everyone has been out and about due to the nice weather. Also too many fall shows to keep track of-it’s sucking up WAY too much time.

  5. I usually can only run naked when I run with friends. And Gossip Girl is only the best show ever! I haven’t been a huge fan of Lonely Boy, but admittedly, I kinda want him with B!

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