Whole Foods For The Win

Oh Monday, I’m so happy you’re over.

As much as I enjoy starting a new week, I enjoy being closer to the 48 hours of weekend bliss that much more.

After work today I had a to-list to get through:

  • Cross-train – bike
  • Find parking spot at Whole Foods
  • Grocery Shop at Whole Foods
  • Drop off essentials at dry cleaners
First up – 45 minutes of upright stationary biking (Hill Level 10 – will kick your booty!) at the gym while reading the newest Us Weekly.
Why Brad, why do you have to open your big mouth and slam Jen all the darn time? Just leave it alone.
(And is it just me or can Jessica Biel do somuchbetter than JT? Seriously, Nsync and Sexy Back are over. Now he’s an “actor” who sings painfully in his movies (1:28 and 1:42 if we’re getting technical. Move on JB, move on.)
Next up – Whole Foods parking lot. If you live in SF and have ever been to a certain Whole Foods (coughPacificHeightscough), you know that the parking “garage” (if a 15-spot underground lair can be called that) is a nightmare… pretty much any time of day.
I lucked out big time and while the person in front of me made 23 attempts to get into their spot, I snagged the larger spot right next to them, and was out of my car as they were on attempt #21 at parking.
I picked up some essentials for the week- rotisserie chicken, Lara Bars (I’m officially an addict and refuse to eat anything other than PB&J and Ginger Snap), Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Sausages, produce, and…. Peanut Butter from the PB machine! One day I will re-create this in my food processor… tonight, Whole Foods and their industrial peanut butter-er can do it for me.) 😉
Some beautiful fall flowers – Dahlias!
And some gorgeous fall fruit – pomegranates! (Yes there is also an onion and a shallot in there.)
Know the secret to getting the goods out of pomegranates without staining your kitchen, counter, clothes, hands, self?
Then you’re just left with this-
GOSSIP GIRL is back tonight and this may be the most exciting and thrilling thing I’ve heard all day. Aside from (gasp!) Jen and Angie carrying the same purse. Say it isn’t so. There have to be other $4,000 purses out there to choose from ladies.
It’s leftovers for dinner – bring on the Cheesy Pesto Chicken Pinwheels!
Hope you have a lovely night!

6 thoughts on “Whole Foods For The Win

  1. Everytime I walk to grocery stores I always try to only buy what I can hold and then fail. This means a long awkward walk back home. Maybe one day I’ll get better at it, or pray the car gods are on my side that day too.

  2. LOL about 23 attempts to get into a parking spot. I shouldn’t laugh, as I have been there, but I bet that was funny to watch.

    It is really a good thing that Whole Foods is NOT close to me – I would spend WAY too much money.

    Totally agree on Brad and Jessica. Seriously woman – you are so much better than JT!!!

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