Running Must Haves

Since starting this whole “I’m going to make running a priority in my life for 18 weeks so that I can run 26.2 miles in one sitting and pay $150 to do it“, there are certain things that I physically can’t run without.

While it may sound dramatic, its entirely true. I will not be able to move one foot in front of the other without these little pieces of magic.

I swear.

Nike Tempo Shorts

I’ve always been a running capri kinda girl. I didn’t like running in shorts, it was uncomfortable, they rode up, and I just wasn’t a fan.

Enter Nike Tempos.

I’ve had a few pairs for a while and wore them to cross-train but never felt entirely comfortable in them. Running 5 days a week for 6 weeks apparently changes your feelings on these types of things because now they are all I want to run in. They are sooo light and comfortable.

They come in about a million and one colors too… and are typically between $15-$30. (When are these suckers not on sale? I love them even more.)

We may or may not have driven by a Sports Authority (boyfriend and I’s favorite athletic store ever) and I may or may not have picked up an additional 2 pairs for $20 each. Including these beauties.

Garmin Forerunner 205

Before I got the Garmin I was running like Lindsay Lohan lives her life – a little lost.

Post-Garmin living, I know my pace, I know my exact mileage and my runs are forever changed. My dad bought it for me as his contribution (THANK YOU DAD!) to my marathon training, and I’ve used it on every, single run since Day 1 of my Training Plan. I love it!

This little gadget is pricey ($120ish)… but so, so worth it.

Chocolate Milk

The best recovery fuel for runners. Luckily, I enjoyed this beverage long before I started running, and now that I know it’s the perfect combo of carbs, proteins and fats (not to mention the most delicious drink on the entire planet) I drink it after every run (and at most meals, let’s be real here.)

Let’s talk convenience. Starbucks even sells these individually.

Running Hats

I absolutely hate when my hair flies in my face when I’m running, or when my headband slips off my head.

I swear by Nike Dri Fit Featherlight hat – it’s moisture wicking, it’s suuuuper light, and it fits perfectly.

I’ve read things about HeadSweats, so those may be next on the list to try… but I’m just skeptical of ever finding a hat that fits as well as these do.


Last year, as I was training for a 1/2 Marathon, boyfriend bought me a Tunebelt. This thing is amazing. Fits my iPhone and has a pocket in the back for your ID, Credit Card, a key, etc. It’s neoprene so it doesn’t feel hot and it fits snugly around your waist.

I like to run with my phone in the event that I fall, hurt myself, get lost, get overly hungry, etc. I also like to listen to Pandora on my long runs because listening to the same playlists over and over make the long runs extremely boring.

(In case you’re curious: NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and Glee have fantastic Pandora stations for long runs. I swear.)

Nike Free Runs

I am obsessed with Nike Free Runs. I have never before been able to train for, run half marathons, and now train for a marathon in shoes with zero pain of any kind. Zero.

And I have flat feet. AKA the kind of feet that you’re supposed to have pain with just about everything.

They weigh next to nothing, support your feet just enough, and mimic barefoot running in the sense that they make your feet stronger which in turn makes you speedier. But they do take some getting used to.

I’m on my 2nd pair, and I’m already planning on a 3rd pair for the actual marathon.

Even better? On you can NikeID the Frees… and customize them to your color preferences.

My current Frees. They do not get dirty. Ever.

What are some of your running (or fitness) must-haves?


8 thoughts on “Running Must Haves

  1. I love my Garmin 305 and wouldn’t think of running without it now. I have that same hat, but in white. I love how lightweight it is. I just can’t do the headband only.

    I’d really love to get a pair of running sunglasses (for the wind mostly), but haven’t found any that I really like yet.

  2. NIke Tempo Shorts — it’s all I ever run in! I discovered them back in college and have since built up quite a collection. I’m about to head to my 5 year reunion and last count I was at 9 pairs!! (So as not to have to do wash mid-week.) Considering I still have my original ones in rotation and how often I wear/wash them, I’d say you can’t beat the quality!

    I also run with a Garmin, the 210. I looked at the 205 and 305 but they were too big and bulky for me. The 210 is the size of a regular sports wristwatch yet does everything I want it to do — time, distance, pace, intervals, etc.

    Good luck with your training!

  3. Uhm…when you’re running 26.2 miles, it’s ok to have things you NEED to run with. Things I can’t run without would have to be great music and a running partner. There is just something great about having good beats and someone trucking along with you. It always makes my runs so much more enjoyable!

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