5 Thing Friday


Ok so I had a 1-day week.

Regardless I’m just as excited for the weekend as I would be had I not spent the first 3 days of this week on a tropical beach.

Some favorite things this week?

1. Fall TV!

My favorite shows are finally coming back!

Glee, Modern Family, and Greys Anatomy (yes I will watch this, yes I realize I’m in the minority here) have begun and Gossip Girl starts on Monday (thank goodness).

I’ve also discovered 2 brand new shows that are hysterically funny and I cannot get enough of them. I sincerely hope they make it at least 1 full season because I want more of the stuff they’re dishing out.

Up All Night – 


Will and Christina are brand new parents. Christina is a TV producer for “Ava”. Maya is Ava (Oprah mixed with Ellen mixed with Tyra). They are neurotic and hilarious and I want to move in next door to them.

How do you not love these 3 together? They are hilarious, the show is hilarious, and I laughed outloud at least 17 times in the 23 minutes that it was on. A must watch. NBC.

New Girl


Zooey gets dumped and has to find a new apartment. These 3 guys put out an ad on Craigslist. She moves in. Hilarity ensues.

2. Jewel Tones

Even though SF is just experiencing our brief period of summer, the rest of the country is gearing up for fall and winter.

Since I subscribe to no less than 11 magazines, the same bright colors seem to be popping up in all of them. Since I’m also a full-fledged shop-a-holic, I absolutely need the cobalt (Cynthia Vincent is a genius) and green dresses below. And an extra $600.


3. Newman’s Own Tomato and Basil Pasta Sauce


I’m a little obsessed with all things Paul Newman. Before our trip, I was making spaghetti and meatballs and needed some pasta sauce so I ran to Safeway and immediately was drawn to the Newman’s Own sauces because they’re all natural. I’m not one for really chunky sauces (I hate tomatoes but I’m alright with tomato sauce… sans chunks).

Once the sauce mixed with the pasta I knew I would never go back to anything else. (Mom’s homemade sauce aside). It was the perfect combination of flavors and tasted ridiculously good.

4. Hunter Rain Boots

It rains fairly often in SF. And every winter I buy the cheap rainboots because I think they’re just as effective. And they end up ripping, or I end up slipping and falling (x3). Or worse I don’t look outside while I’m getting ready in half-asleep and walk out the door in tights and high heels in the pouring rain.

Not this year.

My mom was given a pair of the Leopard Hunter Liners for free last year (which she so graciously then gifted to me), and I’ve decided this is the year I pull the trigger on the black Hunter boots.

If they’re good enough for Lizzie McGuire, Sarah Marshall and Summer Roberts, they’re good enough for me.

5. Vacations

Are you surprised?  Boyfriend and I are already talking about our big trip for next summer. Caribbean? Europe? European beaches?

Doing absolutely nothing on the beach for 12 days becomes pretty infectious.

Waking up to that every day isn’t too shabby either.

What are some of your favorite things this week?


2 thoughts on “5 Thing Friday

  1. Not only did I watch basically all of those shows you listed yesterday while unpacking, I also unpacked my Hunters which have kept me dry through snow, rain, hail, you name it. But the beach does sound better…..

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