Week 6 to 26.2 – Vacation Edition


I had a few minutes of free time this afternoon, so I figured a training re-cap was in order.

Week 6 to 26.2 is officially over! (And has been for about 4 days, but…. island time my friends, island time.)

Recaps for the previous weeks can be found here:

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This week proved a bit challenging because a few of the days happened to be while we were in Maui where the temperatures happen to be insanely hot and humid. . . at 8am and where I happen to prefer eating 79 pineapples and 27 bags of macadamia nuts while sipping on Maui Brewing Company Bikini Blonde Ales rather than train.

But trust, that didn’t stop me. The motivation for completing my runs this week was as much fueled by not embarrassing myself during the marathon as it was by the fact that I was going to be in a bikini for ~8 hours/day.

It also didn’t hurt that this was a step-back week. (Every third week, you step back your mileage to prevent burnout and rest your legs for the next 2-week increase in mileage.)



Monday- Labor Day I headed to the gym for about 45 minutes of upright stationary bike riding and Us Magazine reading. (Is there really any other reason I look forward to cross-training?

Tuesday- Pilates Reformer Class and a 3 mile PM run

Wednesday – 5-mile AM run followed by a Pilates Reformer class in the evening.

Thursday – I worked from home to prepare for our trip the next day and figured I may as well get my long run out of the way early. I headed out on a gorgeous 9-mile run across the Golden Gate Bridge. . . better to spend 90 minutes running in SF than running in Hawaii right? Right.

Friday – What better to do on a rest day than sit for 5 hours on a flight to Hawaii?

Saturday – 6 Mile Run that I had planned to do on the beach. . . boyfriend and I made it 1 mile (hardest mile of our lives) and rather than continue my downward spiral of running shame, I quickly headed to the hotel gym and pounded out the last 5 miles before we headed to the beach for the day.

I think I just prefer to lay motionless on the sand on my chair rather than actually move in it.

Sunday – I swapped Thursday and Sunday this week so I ended the week with a nice, easy, and SWEATY 3-miles and some abs at the hotel gym while boyfriend did weights. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua while on Maui (full recap to come) and it was a gorgeous, gorgeous hotel with a fully equipped gym that we utilized almost every day.


All in all it wasn’t too taxing or time consuming to get the training in this week, traveling and all. Believe me when I say that I’m fully enjoying my vacation even while training. I’d work out anyway, this way I just have specific distances to run each morning rather than just making a ball-park decision when we arrive at the gym.

Besides, is there a better way to get your pre/post run carbs in than via Kona Brewing Company Longboard Ales? 😉


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