Packing Procrastination

I’m being taunted by an inanimate object.

The looks I’ve been getting all day long from this badboy are getting a bit much.

The attitude it’s projecting is along the lines of what Nicole Richie is throwing at Jessica Simpson. (You know she can’t actually stand her.)

Your time will come my friend… just not until later tonight.



Does anyone else leave packing until the very, very, very last minute?

Regardless that you’re more excited for this vacation than a 5-year old on Christmas morning?



5 thoughts on “Packing Procrastination

  1. Yes- I am the WORST when it comes to packing! I always say that I have severe packing anxiety because literally I will do anything but pack and somehow I find myself growing very tired whenever the prospect of packing is mentioned haha

  2. yes! i ALWAYS pack at like 10 or 11 or 12 the night before we leave… and then add to in the morning! my hubby on the other hand… he likes laying his stuff out like a week before!

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