I Get It.

OK Hal (and every other running coach, training guide, magazine, runner, etc out there) I get it.

I finally understand the long, slow run you force me to complete every week.

I get why you want me to run it 90-120 seconds slower than my goal marathon pace even though it’s torturous to my legs that want to speed up, and I feel like it’s never going to end.

It’s because when I actually listen to you and run it slow, it feels phenomenal, my legs feel fantastic, my mental outlook is excellent, and I want to run more. I’m not sore, I’m not even stiff. I’m actually looking forward to getting back out there.


(This has nothing to do with the fact that I’m leaving for a vacation tomorrow I swear).

Apparently I’m OCD when it comes to preparing for trips, so I took Page’s advice and downloaded Wunderlist for my iPhone and lets just say it changed my life. I love to-do lists, and this just makes it that much easier to “cross” them off as you go.

Staring at me this morning on the top of my 21-item to-do list today (not kidding, I’m about 1/3 of the way through) was this:

9 mile long, slow run. SLOW.

No time like the present ya?


I set off this AM with no real direction in mind. I knew I had to get the miles in, I had contemplated just doing several loops or something to get it over with, but I had a ton of other things on my mind so I just started running.

I got to a fork in the road (literally- someone had dropped plastic silverware) and decided to run along the path that the US Half Marathon I’m running in November follows.

Up to the Golden Gate Bridge, across it, and then back down. A couple of hills, but by some miracle my legs felt ridiculously strong as I ran up them, I have no idea how that happened. (Pilates, I LOVE YOU.)


The weather was gorgeous (SF summer starts in September) and if there’s anything that makes you love, love, love living in SF, it’s running across the Golden Gate on a sunny day with no minimal tourists.



It was so gorgeous that around mile 5.5 I had to stop and take some pictures. Let me just say that I can never be bothered to do this, ever. (Mainly because how many pictures of a gray sky and a bridge covered in fog can one really have?)



To my fellow runners/people-in-training… the Glee Pandora station (I realize what you people probably think about my taste in music and it couldn’t be closer to the truth) is perfect for long slow runs. Perfect. I didn’t skip ahead one song.

When I got home, I did what any runner that constantly thinks about food does: I called in lunch.


Plant Veggie Burger with White Cheddar and Avocado

Cucumber, Watermelon, Apple Juice


Time to sucker-punch the rest of my to-do list in the face… then get to packing!


7 thoughts on “I Get It.

  1. Running slow is excruciating! I always dread having to do it, but those who put training plans together know better than us, right?

    Don’t you wonder why no plans actually have you run a full 26.2 miles before the big day? Seems weird to me.

  2. that lunch looks pretty amazing…i have been obsessed with watermelon lately..i should make some juice!! mmm sounds so refreshing. have a great trip!!

  3. Wow that sounds like a great run!! How awesome that you got to enjoy it in the gorgeous weather too! Those pictures are beautiful! Def deserving of the stop considering the rarity that there wasn’t any fog! And mmm plant for lunch? My faveeee!

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous! And that lunch looks delicious!

    That Pandora station sounds like it’s right up my alley 🙂 I never think to listen to Pandora while I run — I just go with my usual playlist (which gets so old!). I’ll definitely try out Pandora on next week’s long run!

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