All My Bags Are Packed…


…I’m ready to go. (Armageddon? Anyone?)

I’ve finally done it. After years and years (and years) of bringing 54343786 options of clothing (really who needs 16 dresses for 6 days?), I think I finally know the meaning of “packing light”.

We’ll have laundry available on part of the trip so that makes it a lot easier. Otherwise I’d need about 7 of these and a staff of 22 to carry all that I would require of such a trip.

And it’s now 11:27pm. And my suitcase has gone from this:

To This:


The dresses are ready to be folded up and packed:



The Kindle is charging away: (because why use a table when there’s an entire floor available?)


And the rest of the gadgets are ready to be packed:



I’m fully packed, boyfriend is fully packed and we are ready to goooooo!

See you bright and early!


2 thoughts on “All My Bags Are Packed…

  1. Woohoo for getting your packing done before midnight! I always count this as an accomplishment if I’m not frantically packing in the morning! And your dresses look so cute!! Can’t wait to see pics!

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