Step Back

Happy Wednesday!

I love that simply by having Monday off, this week feels like it’s flying by.

Which is always a good thing in my opinion when you have a vacation to look forward to very, very soon. (More on that later, I promise) πŸ™‚

I kicked off Week 6 of Marathon Training on Monday with some cross-training.

(AKA I was so happy to not have to run after logging 18 miles in 48 hours that I sat myself on the upright stationary bike and pedaled to my heart’s content for 45 minutes while reading all about Kim Kardashian’s “totally private” honeymoon. Just Kim, Kris, and 50 of her closest paparazzi friends. That’s love my friends.)


Mileage wise, this is another step-back week. As much as I’m enjoying upping my mileage and running double digits, cutting back this week will be a nice, much-welcomed break on my legs… after all I have some activities on a tropical locale to attend to later this week! πŸ˜‰

Yesterday, I went to my favorite Pilates Reformer class followed by a 3-mile run.

I was only able to go to Pilates once last week (Aniston and Gwyneth are probably disowning me as we speak) due to the psycho work-week, and I could definitely tell a difference…. I felt weak and my arms and legs felt like lead this morning.


Which was really ideal for the 5-mile run that I literally dragged myself out of bed to go on at 6:15am.

6-6:15am went something like this:



“I could just sleep for another 40 minutes and do this after work.”


“But it’s so darn cozy in here and I’m tired.”

“Booty out of bed. Now.”

Yes, that was all internal dialogue I had with myself before forcing myself to get it done. Once I was out the door and the Backstreet Boys playlist was blaring in my ears (we started with “Larger Than Life” which was a welcome surprise), I was extremely glad I used verbal force to get myself up and out.

The last thing I want to do this evening is go for a run with all of the biking tourists that I secretly (or not so secretly) loathe.



Off to get some work done… hope you’re having a great (short!) week! πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Step Back

  1. Very impressed you got yourself out of bed to do your workout. I often have those same dialogues with myself about doing my hair or putting it up in a bun… but once the prospect of sleeping 30 min longer pops in my head I have a very hard time doing otherwise! Hahha loveee the Kim K pic… What is with her little belly chain? Who wears those?? And I’m oddly intrigued by Tori’s bike contraptions!

  2. I have had a similar convo with myself practically every day since my birthday back in June. It’s been SOOOOOO HARD to get up. I need to get to bed much earlier!! p.s. did you see the crazy 9th inning of last night’s game?? I almost had a heart attack!

  3. There are so many things wrong with that KKardashian pic, but the primary thing, IMHO, is the belly bracelet (or whatever you call it). What is up with that?! Way to wake up. I have to yell at myself everyday if I am planning on an AM workout.

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