Week 5 to 26.2

Week 5 to 26.2 is officially o-v-e-r!

Total mileage: 30

Strength Training: 1 Pilates Reformer Class

Cross Training: Upright Stationary Bike

# Different Pandora Stations Listened To On Runs: 3

Favorite Pandora Station of the Week: Backstreet Boys (still not embarrassed)

For recaps of weeks past:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

This past week at work was without a doubt the busiest of the year. That being said, I refused to screw with my training (which seems to be going well thus far!) because I knew it would only make me feel even more blah than I already was.

I love to run. When I’m having a particularly stressful or exhausting day/week/month at work, a good run can make me feel better instantly and completely clear my mind.

So even though last week was beyond tiring (hello 12-14 hour days and getting home at 10pm each day!) sticking to my training, and getting my runs in made me feel so much better.

Monday: Cross Train

Tuesday: 3-Mile Treadmill run + Pilates Reformer Class

Wednesday: 6-mile AM run

I knew I’d have a late night with work functions that night so getting the 6-miles out of the way before work felt amazing. They were even filming a car commercial during my run (you can imagine my disappointment when I realized there were no celebrities present.)

Thursday: 3-Mile AM run

I was exhausted from the day/night before (and from the multiple glasses of wine consumed) and my running was definitely affected. I’m not a big weeknight drinker at all, so even if I have a glass of wine or 2 (or more as was the case) I can definitely feel it the next day on my run.

That being said, running along the water and getting the cool ocean breeze definitely helps cure any hangover. Or just makes you forget about it for 26 minutes.

Friday: Rest.

And rest I did. In the form of a 2-hour nap after work and then watching the Giants game with boyfriend and some friends at a sports bar.. perfect way to decompress after a long week.

Saturday – 12 miles – long/slow

I wanted to get the long run over with on Saturday so it wasn’t weighing on me the entire long weekend. I woke up around 9am, had some pre-run breakfast (toast with peanut butter), grabbed a Gu for the run and set off. After about 3 miles my legs warmed up and I felt great the entire run.

I kept the pace slow, and didn’t burn out by the end… although let’s not kid ourselves… I was thrilled to be done.

In my opinion, the best part of long runs is all the food that comes afterwards. Obviously.

Sunday: 6 Mile Run

I was thrilled this wasn’t a “pace” run because I was in no mood to run at a particularly brisk pace (Hal, it’s like you know me), although that didn’t work out entirely as planned.

I didn’t look at my pace until I was done since it usually just makes the run feel longer and I end up hating life, but I ended up keeping it just under 9:00/mile (coincidentally the pace I want to run in the Marathon) and was more than ready to be done… I was tired… and obviously, hungry. (Seriously, when am I not these days? There are worse problems to have.) 😉

Overall Week 5 felt great – even with the added stress and exhausting work hours and functions.

Bring it 26.2, I will own you.

This week, my runs may or may not take me to a different and exotic locale… and I can’t freaking wait.


11 thoughts on “Week 5 to 26.2

  1. You are doing such an amazing job and should feel so proud that you are sticking to your schedule! I’m also very impressed that you ran while feeling hungover… that’s dedication! And exotic locale?? Can’t wait to hear about this!!! 🙂

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