So Full of Crepe

Hope you’re all having a lovely Labor Day Weekend!

Mine has been incredibly relaxing thus far, which is really all that I wanted. I love long weekends because SF clears out and it’s quiet, easy to get around, and no line.. anywhere. (Except for the madhouse that was Safeway yesterday morning after my long run.)

Thus far it’s included:

  • Giants game viewing (WIN!)
  • 12 Mile Run
  • Delicious post-run lunch with boyfriend’s mom
  • Giants game viewing (LOST 😦 Pull it together guys, seriously.) Sidebar: Wreck Room makes a GREAT Moscow Mule.
  • Dinner Crepes
  • Late night movies
But back to the crepes.
Boyfriend and I had been to The Crepe House a couple of times before and never leave disappointed. So after we watched the Giants game at a bar around the corner with a couple of friends, we were all starving and easily decided dinner crepes sounded amazing. (And they still served food post 9:30pm – SCORE.)
There are 3 locations in San Francisco (I’ve only tried one but since it’s the same owner, I’ll vouch for all of ’em!), and they all have a really home-y feel to them. . . and delicious food! They have a wide variety of dinner crepes, omlettes, breakfast crepes (I will be back for you), and DESSERT crepes – featuring Nutella in mass amounts.
Yes please.
I went with the Chicken Pesto: chicken, pesto, fresh basil, garlic, swiss cheese (sans tomatoes)
Boyfriend and one of our friends tried the Miami Heat : cheddar, chicken, avocado, scallions and homemade hot sauce
Our friend’s boyfriend tried the Grilled Chicken Sandwich : grilled chicken, grilled onion, pesto, tomato, lettuce, mustard on a delicious Dutch Crunch roll.
Everything was absolutely delicious. . . . and we cleaned our plates in record time. As in I don’t think a single word was spoken as inhaled the food.
It deeply saddened me that I was far too full to go back for a Nutella and Strawberry Crepe for dessert. . . but now I’ve learned my lesson.
Dessert first, then dinner.
Do you like crepes? What are your favorites?

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