Week 4 to 26.2

Happy Monday!

I meant to put this post up last night, but well Beyonce announcing her pregnancy + a disappointing Hunger Games trailer + being completely weirded out by GaGa + wondering why Bieber was acting like a thug when he’s what, 15?

26.2 Training So Far

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4 of Marathon Training is officially over! I’m now 14 weeks away from the dreaded 26.2!

Last week’s target mileage: 29

Last week’s actual mileage: 30

The difference in mileage came in my long run. I did it Saturday rather than Sunday and instead of 11 miles, ran a half-marathon and got a PR!

My legs felt great the entire time and the extra 2 miles (well all of them actually) flew by thanks to chatting with Courtney and Aron the entire time. It was a great, great race.

A celebrity sighting (Fear the Beard!) at mile 5 didn’t hurt either.


Yesterday I had a 6m pace run on the schedule, but since I didn’t think to actually look at the schedule, I assumed it was a 5-mile pace run (and actually just now realized it wasn’t). . . so I ran the 5-miles at a 9:00/pace mile average.

I was feeling a little drained so rather than being chained to my pace via Garmin, I took note of my start time, and finish time… and wha-la. . . 45 minute run / 5ish miles = 9ish/minute/mile.

Not bad for a post-half marathon day!

What was bad?

Seeing this picture, after last night’s Jersey Shore. It’s starting to not be entertaining anymore, and just annoy me. (Ron and Sam, not the show. Someone please keep them away from each other.)

Come ON.

Overall, 4 weeks into Marathon Training, I’m feeling really, really good. Much better than I thought.

I’m not feeling any burn-out just yet, and I think it has a lot to do with breaking up the runs with cross-training, Pilates, rest days and shorter runs.

I’m also sticking to the training plan to a T… and I think it’s really helping. Really it’s because I think if I do that, I’ll actually survive the marathon, live to tell about it (and eat back the calories lost), and not be in severe pain during or after.

We’ll see how that goes.

Hope you all have a great Monday! (Anyone else already counting down to the long weekend this weekend?) 🙂


16 thoughts on “Week 4 to 26.2

  1. Um.. Gaga can do no wrong in my eyes. For real. I was strangely attracted to her as a man. As well as the Biebs.
    Um, first off, congrats on your PR!!! Jesus woman! And then you RAN the next day? I can’t walk for a week after a half. Hence why I’ll never do a full- these hips were meant for.. Well pretty much everything else but running. Now post some pics of yourself for my liking.

    • Hahaha ill admit to listening to biebs while I run then I see Jim and realize he’s 11 couging it up Selena! 😉 and gaga as a man looked like the love child of al Pacino and Bruno mars. I’ll take the meat dress over man gaga! Hahaha

      Im currently trying to figure out how to take a flattering (or unflattering, I just seem to cut off half my head every time) photo of myself so I can post more!!

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. shouldn’t the biebs be getting pimples soon?!

    AMAZING job with your training this week!! PR, Wilson-spottage, extra long run, all the cross training…. I bet you will nail this marathon!

    I wish I would have watched the VMAs (kind of.) I need to watch a Soup-esque recap of it, I think.

  3. Nice work on the half marathon and the PR. So cool!

    I’m on week 4 of training myself and it’s going so much better than I had anticipated. I thought it’d be more brutal and maybe by week 8 I’ll be singing a different tune.

    Yeah for marathon training!

  4. I missed the VMA’s! So bummed. But I saw highlight clips…Leave it to GaGa to go man on us. Haha. She has to outdo herself every time, which makes me wonder what’s next… Love her though!

    You’re totally ROCKING marathon training. Congrats, girl! xoxo

  5. Hi there! Met you at the race with Aron – congrats on your sub 2! I love this pic of Brian Wilson – totally going to steal this for my blog too 😀

    And I didn’t watch all the VMAs yet but LOL at your pics. I totally watch Jersey Shore though… I was actually thinking about Sam and Ron, has there ever been a relationship that complicated? (sad that these are my thoughts, haha)

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